Power: S
Speed: C
Range: A
Vitality: Depend on mana
Precision: E
Mana: A
Potential: F

Yozakura (夜桜 yozakura) is an antagonist of fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase.


Yozakura's appearance is identical to Sakura since she is the copy of the latter, but with a darker skin tone. Yozakura has light-purple hair, dark-pink eyes, and her entire attire is black with golden symbols.


In sharp contrast to Sakura, Yozakura does not speak and seemingly have no personality since Umi does not care about giving her one.


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Lævateinn (穢れなき桜光の聖剣(レーヴァテイン) rēvatein; Norse for Damage Twig, Japanese for Holy Sword of the Untainted Cherry Blossom Light): Yozakura's version of Sakura's original Lævateinn, powered by gathering enough energy from the moonlight. Lævateinn is a type of magic that can be shot out as a gigantic energy blast, capable of crushing an entire planet in its best condition.
  • Lævateinn Judgment (正義なき七つの大罪(レーヴァテイン・ジャッジメント) rēvatein jajjimento; Japanese for Injustice Seven Deadly Sins): combining Sakura's Lævateinn and Momiji's Judgment, Yozakura can shoot a more powerful version of Lævateinn, fused with Judgment.
  • Thorhammer Lævateinn (正義なき漆黒の雷光(トールハンマー・レーヴァテイン) tōruhanmā rēvatein; Japanese for Injustice Black Lightning): combining Sakura's Lævateinn and Ryūichi's Thorhammer, Yozakura can shoot a super powered version of Lævateinn, which far surpasses the original Sakura's attack. The attack is highly unstable, however, and requires far too much energy to use.