Voluspa is a secret organization that performed experiments to test the capabilities of magi.


Voluspa was an organization formed soly to investigate about magic, to examine the capabilities of magi, as well as to keep their existence secret. The organization was established almost two decades before the current events of Fortissimo and has since then split into several branches around the world, however as members of some branches believed that others were hoarding OOparts (Gemstones that created magi) for their own gain the organization split up and war broke out.

Ten years ago, Voluspa was a worldwide organization that had many members. However, Odin attacked and destroyed the whole organisation in just one day, although he did not manage to kill all of the member of Voluspa that time. As a result,those who survived built a new Voluspa.

(What happened after this are to be added.)

Members of VoluspaEdit

  • Ichigo Sagara: One of the top researchers in the organization, her branch of Voluspa was destroyed by Rouge Flame
  • Sousei Yoshino: A research subject in the organization. After becoming Odin he traveled the world and destroyed the remaining branches of Voluspa.
  • Julius=Chariowald: A former senior member of Voluspa who undertook Class A missions for the organization. Survived the destruction of Voluspa from the first mahoutsukai war, and is currently the leader of the Seven Holy Knights.