. . . I welcome you to the final stage in this war of the gods: Valhalla. This world is one that I have created . . . And . . . this is also where your mother Brynhildr sleeps. (Odin speaking to Reiji)

Valhalla: Is a Magical Dimension created by Odin that serves as the final stage for the final fight of Ragnarök.

Appearance Edit

Valhalla appears similar to Ai Space with the exception being that the sky purple and filled with what appears to be swirling galaxies and stars.

Creation Edit

It is not stated when Odin created Valhalla but as it is to serve as the final stage for the final fight between magi, it was likely created near the creation of Ai Space.

Destruction Edit

In Sakura's Route after Odin is defeated, Valhalla disappears.

Inhabitants Edit

Laws Edit

  • In Valhalla, even magi can die; whether their magical weapon is destroyed or not.

Trivia Edit

  • Valhalla is the heaven of the people in Norse Mythology ruled over by Odin.