Umi Kajiura
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Character Info
Gender Female
Birthday July 17
Height 155cm
Weight 46kg
Three Sizes B82 W52 H80
Voiced by Tae Okajima (EXA and Kadenz)
Soyogi Tōno (EXS and FA)

Umi Kajiura (梶浦 海美 Kajiura Umi) is a side character of fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase.


Umi has a carefree and innocent nature, maybe due to her being a shrine maiden. She is shy, a little clumsy, and somewhat unsure of herself. However, her personality changes when she suspects the other magi may betray her if given no other choice, also due to her falling in love with her childhood friend and not wanting to lose him. Her personality changes from meek to cold, sadistic, and irrational. Ulitmately her overconfidence and irrationality is what led to her defeat.


Umi is naturally clumsy and harmless. Like many others in her school, she has a crush on Ryūichi Sumeragi due to his heroic nature, but as the story progressed, it turned out that the one whom she really loved was her childhood friend Shunsuke. Her feelings toward Shunsuke became the reason she turned hostile to others.

In terms of combat, among the players of Ragnarök, Umi can be considered the most cowardly of them all. She literally ran from battle during the first two appearance of Eye Space and needed Ryūichi's protection in half the battle of the third appearance. However, when she has a goal to achieve, she becomes extremely determined and will go to any length to make sure she succeeds, in a twisted way.

In Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo, she has become a great friend and asset to the other Mahoutsukai. Umi easily makes friends with Hinako, who was in the same grade as her at their high school. Although she lost her 'yandere' characteristics from fortissimo, she still retains her crazy personality whenever she is in battle. Moreover, she seems to have broken out of her shy self, and develops a more straightforward and rude personality. During the final battle, Rōge tries intimidating her, but she bad talks him instead, showing how much more confident she has become after Ragnarok. 


Umi Kajiura is the miko of Tsukuyomi-jima and the idol of her school. She has a childhood friend named Shunsuke Sakurai whom she often opens up to. She awakened as a participant of Ragnarök upon seeing Ryūichi being brutally beaten up to protect her. With her power, she helped him defeated Keisuke Sanada and Hinako Takamine.

After the battle, Umi was fully informed about Ragnarök, the battle she was in, by Reiji Yoshino. Reiji offered an alliance to look for Odin, the mastermind of the incident, and put an everything. However, no one agreed to for their own reasons, Umi included. Nevertheless, she agreed to help them look for Odin.

For some time, she was still friends with Reiji as well as others, but feared that they would turn on her when the situation called for it since she was not their childhood friend. With that fear, Umi gradually lost trust in others. Her mental condition worsened when Shunsuke confessed his feelings to her. Umi realized that she loved him, and to protect her happiness, she decided to get rid of everyone.

Umi declared war to Reiji and his friends in the next Eye Space's occurence. Her copying power put them at great disadvantage, since she also copied Sakura, Reiji's presumably ultimate weapon, and produced Yozakura, the night version of Sakura who absorbed moonlight for energy instead of sunlight. However, her power made her too arrogant, which was her downfall. She was defeated by the combination of Reiji, Sakura, Momiji and Sayuki, in which Sayuki was the one who dealt the final blow.

First AppearanceEdit

Umi first appears when Ryuichi takes a break from school and visits the city shrine. Umi is sweeping the shrine when she sees him and greets him by saying: good day. She asks if he has come to visit the shrine, but then she quietly mutters that their was no way he would come here. Ryuichi asks if there is a problem which she quickly answers that she has forgotten her contacts and mistook him for someone else. After having a brief conversation with each other they announce their names to one another. When Umi hears Ryuichi's name she blushes and gasps (Ryuichi is a person that she has a crush on). Umi begins to lose her composure and freezes almost as if time stops. Ryuichi tries to calm her by saying that he is glad to have met such a kind shrine maiden. Later on the two say their goodbyes and Ryuichi leaves.

The Clumsy IdolEdit

Umi appears again in the hallway of the school building where she trips over a bucket full of water and happens to meet Reiji by chance. Reiji asks if she's alright to which she apologizes for possibly getting Reiji wet from the water in the bucket. Reiji tells her that its only his shoes that got wet and not to worry and tells her to be more careful in the future. The two formally introduce themselves to one another, after that Reiji points out that because of the water in the bucket splashing on her her bra beneath her uniform is clearly visable. In a panic Umi tries to hide her breasts with her hand only to make them stand out more, she apologizes for being so shameful and the scene her and Reiji are in begins to attract attention. As a student points out that Umi fell down a large crowd of male students begin to surround them, kicking Reiji out of the way in the process.

The Maiden, The Witch, and The ReaperEdit

Umi is walking through the street when Eye Space appears, she begins to question her surroundings as she notices that no one is around. Moments later "Keisuke Sanada" appears, unknowing to Umi he is a verteran in battleing in Eye Space and intends to battle thinking that she would be easy prey. Umi however smiles because she is happy that she has found another person, as she approaches him he attacks her with his magical weapon "Mistilteinn" (51 cards blown into a vortex of wind able to slice his opponects with ease). Umi screams and tries to flee but Keisuke cuts off her path using his cards. As he prepares to attack her directly his cards shatter as if being erased from existense. A witch wearing a black mantle (Ichigo Sagara) appears and distracts Keisuke long enough for Umi to escape.

The Idol's CrushEdit

Umi is shopping by herself in the mall when Reiji calls out to her wanting to introduce her to Sakura at Sakura's request. She asks if this girl(Sakura) is his girl-friend but Reiji is clueless because he doesn't know who she's talking about. Sakura pulls his sleeve and pouts at him, Reiji still doesn't seem to get what Umi means by girl-friend. Sakura asks where Reiji is looking, Umi states that she feels bad for Sakura for Reiji not noticing her. Reiji tells her that Sakura is just joking and that he and her are not like that. Sakura turns and says that Reiji's response hurts her pride as a maiden. As they talk more Umi and Sakura agree to become friends, Sakura gets close to Umi and asks her if she could teach her how to make a guy fall madly in love with her. Umi tells her that she has no idea how to do that, Reiji points out that he is able to here them which makes Sakura pouts and tells him to quit eavesdropping. Overhearing their conversation Reiji is surprise that the school idol "Umi" does not know how to charm men. Umi confesses that the person she likes is Reiji's best friend "Ryuichi" and asks him to introduce him to her. Reiji cannot understand her feelings because he thinks that Ryuichi is so dense but Umi points out that she's liked him for a long time. Just as Reiji agrees to help her Ryuichi appears and for some reason Umi screams. Reiji is also startled, he does not know how Ryuichi was able to sneak up on them so quietly, but he suspects that Ryuichi's experience on the battle field gave him the skills to hide his presence. (Reiji silently suggests that Ryuichi's skills may allow him to become the ultimate peeping-tom). Though Ryuichi is dense he suspects that the three were talking about something important. As their talk prolonges, Reiji gets Ryuichi to escort Umi to her house.

The Thunder God vs The Sleeping Demon/ReaperEdit

As Ryuichi escorts Umi home Eye Space surrounds them and Keisuke appears. Ryuichi asks who he is though he remembers that he met Keisuke at the beach with Hinako.Ryuichi thinks that Keisuke is the magi that trapped them here but realizes that that is mistaken guess. Umi hides behind Ryuichi as Keisuke pulls out a card, Umi tells him that the card is a weapon that he used to attack her the other day.

Keisuke sends a whirlwind of cards at Ryuichi, Ryuichi summons his magical weapon "Jarngreipr" however he is already engulped in a tornado of blades. Keisuke watches silently with no emotion what so ever, but his expression changes to admiration as Ryuichi has destroyed all of his cards with his fists. Keisuke holds up his "joker card" and creates more cards though Ryuichi swings his fists like lightning and destroys them one by one he is at a disadvantage. Umi pleads for someone to come help as the two men fight, hearing this Ryuichi's determination grows and he is able to knock down all the cards that aim for his life. Umi is amazed but Keisuke is emotionless. Ryuichi knows that is a magi's magical weapon has been totally destroyed they'll die but Keisuke is still alive. To answer the look of doubt on Ryuichi's face; Keisuke opens his jacket revealing a hidden card. Ryuichi understands that Keisuke's magical weapon is a "Self-Replicatinf Type" (As long as he has atleast one card that has not been destroyed then he can replicate them again and again). As more cards appear Ryuichi takes the offensive and nails Keisuke in his chest causing him a great deat of pain. He launches three more blows at lightning speed to which Keisuke responds by sending cards at him. Ryuichi knocks the cards out of the way (Absorbing their power and converting it into lightning as he does so) and continues to strike, Keisuke uses the cards as shields to protect himself from Ryuichi's relentless assult; replicating them as the get destroyed. Ryuichi relentlessly assults Keisuke's wall of cards with his fists; destroying them faster than he can replicate them and manages to nail Keisuke in his chest which breaks one of his ribs. Ryuichi states that even though magi who have awaken are invincible it would take a while for his rib to heal. Ryuichi tells keisuke that even though he cannot forgive him for what he's done he will not kill him for the sake of "Hinako". Ryuichi looks at Keisuke's hand yo find his mafical weapon missing and goes into a panic while Keisuke smiles. Ryuichi turns around and is impaled by Keisuke's cards, but he is not mortally wounded and thinks of them as dull knives. As Ryuichi is about to pull out the cards Keisuke speaks the word "StormBringer", the cards in Ryuichi's arm glow; as blood pours out Keisuke's Joker Card sucks up Ryuichi's blood. Keisuke rises up and Ryuichi falls to one knee, he realizes that Keisuke's magical weapon can suck out its opponent's vitality and use it to restore its master. Keisuke pulls the cards out of Ryuichi's arm, tells him to wait there, and approaches Umi who is frantic. Ryuichi realizes that Keisuke is doing all of this for Hinako and pleads to him not to harm Umi because of her normal life. Keisuke stops right before Umi and agrees with him. Ryuichi asks for his reason why, Keisuke answers his question with questions of his own: Who decides who gets the right to have a normal life; is it man, God, or no one at all. Ryuichi is unable to answer. Keisuke states that for the girl that doesn't have anyone only herself, even though its small, she too deserves to have a normal life. Umi begs Keisuke to stay away from her to which he tells her that he has no sympathy for her at all but he must express his gratitude. Ryuichi manages to grasp Keisuke's attention by yelling at him that what he is doing is wrong, however Keisuke casts off his feelings of hesitation and holds his card up to kill Umi. In a blind rage Ryuichi launches himself at Keisuke calling him a Hard-Headed Bastard. He pours all of the strength he had gathered during battle into his right arm and prepares to strike, Keisuke responds by sending his cards at Ryuichi. Though they manage to graze him, Ryuichi is able to use his reflexes to avoid them almost as if he were lightning itself. Ryuichi used "Turbulence" his body sparks with lightning and he is able to avoid harm even thogh he is trapped in a tornado of blades. Ryuichi pierces Keisuke's stomach with his fist which knocks him to the ground. Ryuichi dispells Turbulence and asks Umi if she is unharmed, he extends his had but shocks her in the process as it is still electricly charged. Ryuichi proposes to leave Keisuke where he is and leave with her, Umi agrees but is distraught because she cannot fathom how they got caught in this mess. As Ryuichi grabs Ryuichi and prepares to leave with her cards assult them but he manages to knock them down with his fist, tearing his skin in the process. Keisuke stands there; the wound in his stomach completely healed. Ryuichi pushes Umi to the side and tells her to run while he holds off Keisuke. Both of them know that the match will go to Ryuichi because Keisuke used up alot of mana, but even so he summons his cards to fight. As they prepare for round two; a familier voice pleads for them to stop.

The Only Remaining WayEdit

Hinako appears and puts her arms around Keisuke, only Umi is clueless as she has never seen Hinako before. Ryuichi screams at Hinako to move away from Keisuke but she does not listen and holds him close as if to protect Keisuke from Ryuichi. Ryuichi screams that Keisuke is dangerous which makes Hinako almost cry, but she turns to Keisuke and tells him that she knew everything which makes him avert his eyes. Hinako states that she knew that Keisuke was the "Sleeping Demon" because she heard him talking with that "magical onee-san" (Ichigo Sagara) the other day. She apologizes saying that Keisuke has been using his magical weapon to steal life energy from the people of the island and giving it to her so that she can live. Though Keisuke proclaims that he is doing it all on his own he cannot fool Hinako. Hinako apologizes again and asks if he was in pain because of harming people for her sake. To everyone surprise Hinako asks Keisuke to let her help shoulder the burden along with him. She apologizes to Ryuichi and states that she loves Keisuke, speaking to Umi she says that she cannot let Keisuke feel lonely and apologizes to her. Umi asks why she is saying that to her. Keisuke tells Hinako that he can not allow her to help because he does not want her to see the results. Ryuichi agrees and asks why a girl like her would want to fight. Hinako answers in a sorrowful cry; if she doesn't take the life force of others she will die. She screams that she wants to go to school with everyone, make friends with everyone, and love everyone. Even though she is a mage she can still die from sickness. Ryuichi understands her feelings and wants to help her but he knows that it is wrong; if she is to continue to live, another must fall into the eternal stumber. Hinako asks why Ryuichi would say such things and asks is it wrong to extend someone's life by taking someone else's; she pleads her case by stating that such actions have been forgiven many times in war, she is just trying to stay alive, and that it is a legitiment case of self-defense. She asks Ryuichi what is so different about taking someone else's life to preserve her own. Don't humans kill animals, all animals are desperate to live but it is not a crime because everyone wants to be happy. Ryuichi understands how Hinako feels but still tells her that it is not good to sacrifice innocent people and that he cannot allow it. Hinako knows that there is no other way and states that she does not care about sacrificing other people, if her way of surviving is evil then she will become a demon. Hearing Hinako's words Keisuke holds up his "Trump Card" and shoots a murderous stare at Ryuichi and Umi. Knowing that negotiations are over Ryuichi apologizes and says that no matter what the circumstances he has to bring them down. Ryuichi kicks off the ground to attack Keisuke because he knows he can barely move due to the stomach injury he sustained earlier. As Ryuichi approaches, Hinako screams for them to stop and summons her magical weapon. A wall of light blocks Ryuichi's fist. Hinako asks if Ryuichi is surprise, she says that she is the same as all of them; a mage and if they try to hurt Keisuke she'll do her best to stop them. Realizing that she is panting and sweating from awakening as a mage; Keisuke hugs her gently and tells he that she has done enough. Hinako wants to fight along with Keisuke, but he tells her not to be sentimental towards the enemy and that he'll take care of everything; he speaks to her like a parent talking to his child. Umi asks why Hinako is saying those things, about being a mage, and having to fight. Ryuichi explains that they are not fighting because they are magi but because they have to rely on Keisuke's power and tell her that this is the work of "fate". Umi tells Ryuichi that saying fate is just a selfish excuse and asks if that is so; is it her fate to die by Hinako's and Keisuke's hands. She finishes by saying she does not believe in something like fate. Ryuichi realizes that the situation is two against one and so to protect Umi he offers to share some of his life force with her, however Hinako refuses stating that she can no longer live the way she has anymore and that she is determined to take Umi's life force. Hearing Hinako's words, a gleam flashes into Ryuichi's eyes and he takes a stance, though Hinako has no battle experience she also takes a stance, although this is a result of her instincts as a magi.

The Thunder God and Shrine Maiden vs The Sleeping Demon and The White DemonEdit

Hinako summons her magical weapon "Sweet Home" which takes the form of a floating bird cage. As to not let her magical weapon form so easily Ryuichi launches forward with his fist but it is repelled by Hinako's shield "Aegis Maiden" (A golden barrier-shield mage of light that only defends due to Hinako not knowing any form of combat). Even knowing that Hinako's barrier will repel all attacks Ryuichi still swings his fists, Hinako tells him that its useless because she has made it so that only her and Keisuke can penetrate her barrier which gives the idea that the barrier is selectively permiable to what Hinako wishes. Even so Ryuichi continues to assult the barrier and Hinako with her weak body is some-what worried, seeing this Keisuke sends his cards flying through the barrier and tells Hinako to focus on keeping the barrier erected while he finishes Ryuichi with his cards. The odds are against Ryuichi because Keisuke has healed and without his lightning he is little more than human, while he cannot penetrate Hinako's barrier; Keisuke's cards fly out from it as if it was not there. Hinako asks why Ryuichi will not give up and states that if he continues to resist, it will only be painful. Ryuichi knows that she is correct, neither his fist nor his words have reached her. He answers by telling her that if he gives up then he won't be able to save everyone. While continuing to assult Hinako's barrier Ryuichi apologizes for not being able to ful-fill Hinako's wish but he cannot her to do something as wrong as stealing other people's lives. Even though his hands start to bleed and bones start to crack from hammering at the barrier he continues to do so. Hinako asks Ryuichi if he knows what'll happen to a bird if it escapes from its cage, at that moment two flashes of light fly out of Hinako's magical weapon and rip into Ryuichi's shoulder. Hinako tells him she'll die, that she is not like other children and if she steps out of her bird cage shell disappear. Hinako starts to cough and Keisuke comes to her aid. He steps forward ans tells Ryuichi to come and fight, Ryuichi answers his request and attacks, but Hinako's barrier deflects his fists causing him pain due to the fact that they are already broken from his previous assults. Keisuke plants a card deep into Ryuichi's chest and before he can remove it he activates StormBringer. With most of his vitality sucked out Ryuichi falls to his knees muttering Hinako's name, tears begin to run down Hinako's face, Keisuke tells her to leave everything to him. He will kill Umi to strengthen Hinako's magic then kill Ryuichi, with that he walks past Ryuichi to where Umi is standing and grips her arm tightly. He tells her to be obedient and that she must become food for Hinako, Ryuichi struggles to stand but is unable to. Keisuke looks back at Hinako and asks her for her permission to which she complies. Keisuke tells Umi that he will not apologize, for his mistress he wiil take Umi's life and give it her. Just then Keisuke's face twists in pain, Umi had just stabbed him with something. Umi says that after hearing their story she wanted to talk to them atleast. Cards begin to assult Keisuke's body so he covers his face. As Keisuke asks why Umi has his magical weapon Umi shouts "StormBringer". With his life force being drained Keisuke falls to the ground and Hinako runs up to him. The air around Umi changes and she asks her self  if she said the name of Keisuke's power right. She then runs up to Ryuichi and agrees with what Hinako had said: if she wanted to survive then she could not stand there and do nothing. Using one of Keisuke's cards she restores Ryuichi's life energy. Ryuichi realizes that Umi is also a mage and ponders what her powers are. Hinako is distraught as she knows that that magical weapon belongs to Keisuke. Keisuke tells her to protect herself which makes her bring up "Aegis Maiden". Realizing that she also does not want to die; Umi closes her eyes and screams "Gate Open", she is engulped by a white light and glasses appear on her face. Umi states that she does not like wearing glasses and would like to end this battle quickly, for attacking her multiple times, for hurting Ryuichi, and making her wear these glasses that she hates so much she'll give them divine punishment.

Umi fires her cards at Keisuke who in return does the same, Ryuichi wonders why Umi has the same magical weapon as Keisuke. Hinako sends flashes of light from her bird cage, Umi stops battleing Keisuke and states that Hinako's magical weapon is unfair, Hinako states that she does not want to hear that from Umi who stole Keisuke's magical weapon. Knowing that her attacks and Ryuichi's attacks could not break through Hinako's shield Umi summons another magical weapon, much to everyone's surprise it is an exact copy of Hinako's magical weapon. Umi uses "Aegis Maiden" and smashes her shield into Hinako's shield, Hinako pleads for her to stop because she can feel that her ultimate barrier is being broken. However Umi does not relent and increases the force on the two shields, Keisuke screams as his mistress's shield shatters. Hinako sends her birds at Umi but they are nullified by Umi's Aegis Maiden, Umi then turns to Ryuichi with a resolving look in her eyes. Ryuichi asks Hinato once more if she will stop what she's doing, Hinako screams that she will not stop because of her will to live. Realizing that their paths will never cross Ryuichi activates "Turbulance", Hinako responds by using every bit of her magic yo recreate "Aigis Maiden". On pure reflex Umi once again smashes her barrier into Hinako's and tells Ryuichi to act now. Ryuichi takes a stance, his fist literaly becames a bolt of lightning and he tells Hinako that this is his cruel parting gift. He fires his mythical attack "Thor's Hammer" which easily breaks through Umi's and Hinako's "Aegis Maiden". Hinako does not try to defend herself at she knows that she's already finished. But the one who takes the blast is Keisuke, he should have been obliterated by Ryuichi's atttack but he managed to keep his body  intact because he used "StormBringer" to restore the damage done to his body. As Keisuke screams in pain Ryuichi asks why he did what he did, he doomed himself by jumbing into the path of his attack. For the first time he has seen; Keisuke smiles and states that a boy like Ryuichi would never understand, even if its just one person if he can protect her then he'll be happy. For that, he could live no matter how dirty or bloody he becomes, its the life style he's always lived. He then tells Ryuichi that they were not the ones who brought them to Eye Space, that it was done by a person named "Odin" and that they were all just pawns. He tells Ryuichi that if he wants to survive to throw away those kind feelings he has, otherwise fate will end up killing him. Ryuichi responds by saying that even if it is true that he cannot stop this war "Ragnarok" and even if it is his fate to die, he will still fight to the very end like he has always done. Keisuke smiles more stating that Ryuichi's made a good answer and that it suits him. Keisuke's joker card burns away and he starts to scattersinto the wind, Hinalo starts to cry and begs him to forgive her. Keisuke tells her not to blame her self because this is his fate as the "Sleeping Demon". After saying goodbye he turns into ether and vanishes. Hinako cries relentlessly, punishing herself that if she had more power then Keisuke wouldn't have vanished. After killing her body-guard and her lover Ryuichi starts to cry, Hinako stands up with a smile on her face and tells Ryuichi not to cry because she was the one that attacked him, she says that she is glad that he is the one who lived in the end rather than her. As she speaks these words her body begins to fade (Keisuke managed to protect Hinako's body from being destroyed by Ryuichi's attack but not her magical weapon). Ryuichi screams at Hinako telling her not to give up and that he'll find a way to save her. Hinako tells him that its no good, her magical weapon has been destroyed but she does not regret it and neither did Keisuke. She tells him not to make such a sad face and asks for his forgiveness as well as Keisuke's, after which she vanishes. Ryuichi is torn up inside but Umi conforts him.

Love is InsanityEdit

After her childhood friend "Shunsuke" confesses his love for her at the shrine Umi spends the night with him but wakes up early, she begins to reflect on her past battles with "Keisuke" and "Hinako". She calls herself pathetic for always running away and comes to the conclusion that since the number of magi participating in Ragnarok has dropped, everyone else would most likely target her next since she is the least well known. The look in Umi' eyes changes to insanity and she mutters to herself that all she needs to do is get rid of everyone else before they get rid of her. As she ponders who she should take out first, she decides that she'll attack them all at once because they are all but a nuisance that stands between her and her lover.

Shrine Maiden MadnessEdit

Umi Kajiura appears with a threatening took in her eyes that everyone takes notice too. Sayuki does not lower her guns from Umi as she can sense her murderous intent. After Umi shows signs of a yandere, it is clear that she is hostile to everyone, she then summons her magical weapon (a pair of glasses). Momiji summons her weapon and fires warning shots that graze Umi, while Momiji gloats and and tells Umi that she'd forgive her if she'd apologize she is shot in the chest with her own attack. Umi had perfectly copied her grimoire with her glasses. Sayuki and Sakura fend off Umi while Reiji heals her, she then returns to battle and begins giving commands to the two other women. Though they manage to destroy all of Umi's fake grimoire she restores them and also makes a dark copy of Sakura named Yozakura. As Yozakura overwhelmes everyone with her intense power Ryuichi appears and saves the group from her Laevateinn Judgement by slicing it in half with Thor's Hammer giving the group enough time to flee the scene.

Valkyrie intervenes in the fight between Ryuichi and Umi, saving Ryuichi from the shots of Umi's replicated grimoire. Umi questions who Valkyrie is but then states that if she is not Odin then she is useless and that if she chooses to stand in her way she won't show any mercy. Ryuichi asks why she saved him, Valkyrie states that she was not trying to save him but there was a chance that Umi's attack could've his the person she actually cares for (PS. This is actually the first time Valkyrie speaks). Umi says that Valkyrie's power is interesting and she would like to copy it but she cannot understand it. She then tells Yozakura to attack. Yozakura sets up to fire "Laevateinn Judgement", Valkyrie however does not move even though Ryuichi pleas for her to do so. Yozakura fires her attack and while Valkyrie is able to defend against it she is affected by the magic of the "grimiore" and loses all of her senses.

Reiji's party return to see Ryuichi and Valkyrei beaten and Ryuichi's magical weapon copied by Umi. Yozakura prepares to fire but Momiji manages to hit her by moving her grimoire in place where they could not be seen and firing. Umi simply restores Yozakura and combines Thor's Hammer with Laevateinn to create "ThorHammer Laevateinn". Momiji and Sakura are barely able to hold it off with their individual attacks and are drained of energy as a result. Reiji follows his plan which is to summon Sayuki and have her use "Sturm Kreuz" to destroy Umi's glasses, with "Shining Memories" destroyed Umi returns to her regular self. She mutters to herself that she is the one who will disappear, Reiji watches her with neither sadness nor pity in his eyes. Umi smiles and states that nothing ever works out for her, she only wanted to spend her new life with the one she loved. As she vanishes, she apologizes to Shunsuke.

Against OdinEdit

Reiji summons Umi and her magical weapon in the battle against Odin and tells her that this is the chance to use that completely unfair ability of hers. Umi agrees and says that she'll make Odin suffer a woman's wrath for coming between her and her lover. Reiji uses "Galaxy Angel" to try to copy Odin's magical weapon but is unable to as Odin's magical weapon's true ability could not be utilized unless the person most precious to the wielder has died.


Umi is seen in a photo in the credits near the end of the game along with "Hinako" and Keisuke", which emphasizes that they all must have become good friends in the world that Reiji and Sakura created.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

fortissimo//Akkord:nachsten Phase StatsEdit

"Come now, my servants... Now I am your master."
Umi Kajiura
Weapon: Shining Memories
Power: F
Speed: C
Range: Depend on eyesight
Vitality: A
Precision: E
Mana: A
Potential: F
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Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo StatsEdit

Umi Kajiura
Weapon: Shining Memories
Power: F
Agility: D
Mana: A
Technique: ?
Chara 16 detail


  • Shining Memories (きらきらメモリーズ kirakira memorīzu): Umi's weapon is a pair of eyeglasses, which she commented that she hated them. The glasses can record the data of her enemies to replicate them.


  • Galaxy Angel (わたしのしもべたち(ギャラクシー・エンジェル) gyarakushī enjeru; English for Galaxy Angel, Japanese for My Servants): Umi does not have her own attacking methods. Her offense comes from the weapons she replicated from the enemy. She can either perfectly replicate the wanted weapon or personally modify them for easier use.
  • Twin Iron Maiden (鉄壁なる二人の処女(ツイン・アイアンメイデン) tsuin aian meiden): Umi and Hinako's combo attack. Umi uses Galaxy Angel to replicate Hinako's Sweet Home, and the both of them use Aegismaiden at the same time, creating two layers to the unbreakable shield. Umi and Hinako send the impenetrable shields toward their opponent, causing massive damage to the enemy. In Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo, Umi and Hinako use their deep friendship to create this rune together in the final battle against Rōge. None of Rōge's attacks was able to break the two layers of Twin Iron Maiden, and thus took damage from the shields instead.  
  • Millennium Actress (降臨せし八百万の現人神( ミレニアム・アクトレス) mireniamu akutoresu): Umi's new Last Resort after witnessing the Kisekitsukai's powers in action during their fight against the Black Sun. She is now able to copy the abilities from the Kisekitsukai's Miracles. She uses this rune during the final battle against Rōge. So far, she is seen using Mikoto's large fireball from ≪Yasakani no Magatama≫, Rudra's arrow from ≪Vajura≫'s Type Shooter, Faust's Oboro Hyōgetsu Issen from ≪Hyougetsu≫, and Yuria's Sleeping Kairos from ≪Faller Kairos≫ against Rōge.


  • Because of her going insane in the middle of the story, Umi could be considered the "yandere" of this series.
  • In the battle with Keisuke and Hinako, she summoned her magical weapon, "a pair of glasses" which she stated that he hates, which means that she has worn glasses before, but now wears contacts as she told to Ryuichi when they met at the temple.