Svafrlami Evil (スウァフルラーメ suuafururāme): is the magical weapon of Nagisa Suzushino's alter ego, Schwarzritter that takes the form of demonic sword.


When used by Schwarzritter, Svafrlami appears to be in its unreleased form but as stated by Jin, it is infact released.


During Ahorn der Flamma (Momiji's Route) Nagisa is kidnapped by Jin and is alter by his and Odin's concept magic into Schwarzritter; since Nagisa's heart has changed, the sword also changed.


  • The law that applies to Svafrlami is that victory is assured for whomever wields the sword, but after it (Tyrfing) is used a number of three times the sword will be destroyed along with the wielder.


  • Tyrfing (黄金色の誓約(ティルヴィング) tiruvingu; Japanese for "Golden Pledge" ): Schwarzritter takes a stance and fills her sword with dark light, when released her sword becomes a conceptual blade capable of slicing through almost and thing. Just like Nagisa, if Schwarzritter uses this skill more than two times she'll be destroyed. Though that is actually not a choice for her because she is being controlled by Jin.


  • Svafrlami is considered to be the ultimate weapon capable of mass destruction.