Stringroad (ストリングロード sutoringurōdo): The magical weapon belonging to Ayane Amamiya; they take the form black arm-length gloves she wears on her arms as well as the piano strings that stem from her fingertips.

Appearance Edit

Stringroad as a whole are the gloves that Ayane wears and not just the strings; they seem to be made of silk and are similar in texture to that of the gloves worn with a wedding dress or more likely by a widow at a funeral due to the black color. The strings extending from her fingertips are crimson-red as it made of blood and glow with magic power.

History Edit

Some time before the current events of the story, Ayane aquired an OOPArts that manifested into Stringroad.

Concept Edit

  • Stringroad has no known form of concept magic.

Type Edit

  • Presso Type: Trigger in an instant; meaning that it can be used in rapid succession.

Runes Edit

  • Skinfaxi (天駆ける光の使者 (スキンファクシ) sukinfakushi; Old Norse for "Shining Mane", Japanese for "Messenger of Heavenly Light"): Ayane possesses a super enhanced radar sense that allows her to trace magical power signatures in an extremely large area. She uses this ability to locate the Magi on Tsukuyomi-jima and ascertain their number. This ability however, is limited to Magi only, Magic users of higher level such as Yggdrasil or lower level such as Creator cannot be traced with Skinfaxi.
  • Brísingamen (無に還った少女 (ブリーシンガメン) burīshingamen; Old Norse for "Flaming Jewelry", Japanese for "No-Return Maiden"): Ayane's basic power is to manipulate and change kinetic energy at will. While this ability can be used in a variety of ways, Ayane prefers neutralizing the enemy's attacks by reducing the incoming attack's kinetic power to zero. The skill protects her from most attack, physical and energy alike, but cannot prevent the secondary powers of such attacks from destroying the string. A clear example is Jin's fire sword. Although Ayane can prevent the sword from touching her, she cannot prevent the heat from melting her weapon.
  • Dáinsleif (裏切りの女神 (ダウィンスレイヴ) dawinsureivu; Old Norse for "Dáinn's legacy", Japanese for "Goddess of Betrayal"): the exact opposite of Brísingamen. By using Stringload's ability to generate an infinite amount of kinetic energy, Ayane can turn the strings into very sharp blades of super-concentrated magical energy that can cut through everything.
  • Dáingullveig (誓いと裏切りの花嫁 (ダウィングルヴェイグ) dawinguruveigu; Japanese for "Bride of Oath and Betrayal"): Ayane uses her Stringload to immobilize her opponent and transforms the rest of her strings into a pink bouquet. She then throws it at her opponent, and the bouquet explodes into many petals, dealing fatal damage to them. When Ayane uses this rune, her black dress that she normally wears in her battle mode changes into a red wedding dress. She mentions that she invented this rune from her undying love for Reiji.

Trivia Edit

  • Stringroad's form appears to be a manifestation of Ayane's love for playing the piano.