Chara 27 detail
Character Info
Gender Male
Three Sizes
Affiliation Voluspa Seventh Chord
Family Reiji Yoshino (Adopted Son)
Voiced by

Shishō (師匠 Shishou) is a mysterious man who appears at the end of Sakura's Route along with a young girl named Freya.


The man is seemingly middle-aged; he wears a army-green japanese robe covered by a white robe with cross symbols on each shoulder. He wears glasses, his hair is in a dark green and in a pony tail, and there seems to be a magical weapon on his arm; a gauntlet similar to Ryuichi's magical weapon.


While watching Reiji and Sakura enjoy their time together, he seems to be fairly pleased. Unlike the girl next to him, he shows no hostility. However, his tone changes to that of hatred when he mentions Sousei's name, hinting that the two of them knew each other before. 


  • The man makes a remark about Reiji growing up which indicated that he may have known Reiji when he was younger. He is probably the master Reiji spoke of throughout the events of Fortissimo.
  • The man wears a gauntlet similar to Ryuichi's magical weapon on his right arm which may indicate that he is genetically related to Ryuichi.