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Character Info
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday April 13
Height 154cm
Weight 44kg
Three Sizes B86 W56 H83
Voiced by Yoshino Nanjō (EXA and Kadenz)
Aya Tachibana (EXS and FA)

Sakura (サクラ Sakura) is the main heroine of fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase.


Sakura has bright orange hair worn in two long twin tails tied by flower shaped bows, with a strand of hair falling on each side of her face, but most of her hair is tied at the end by a white ribbon and hangs down to her legs. Her eye color is purple, she is usually seen wearing a white dress with red flower markings on the side that shows her cleavage and a red scarf around her neck. She sometimes wore a long white dress with black strings tide beneath her breasts and on the sleeves of the dress. There is a thin bracelet on her right arm in the shape of hearts, she wears long white stockings and boots. In her battle form she wears a mage-like robe; white in the front and black in the back with golden markings on the white part.

In her true form, Sakura takes the appearance of an angel. Her outfit has changed from her robe and cape to a more revealing skin-tight outfit. Metallic blades form a winged shape on her back and a halo floats above her head. A large skirt that covers up to her lower legs is worn around her mid-rift.


Sakura is naturally an airhead, often dazes off while basking at Reiji's house. She likes animals but for some reasons, the animals do not feel that way toward her, Reiji states that it is possibly because animals and weapons don't go together. However in battle she becomes very serious and drops her airheaded attitude, she becomes somewhat hostile to any other magi Reiji and her friends are not familiar with.


When cornered in the first battle with Momiji Satomura, Reiji awakened as the thirteenth magus of Ragnarök and summoned his partner Sakura, the self-proclaimed ultimate weapon. She is the only weapon of Ragnarök who can exists outside Eye Space, having the functions of both a human and a weapon. For this reason, she spends most of her time dazing off while baking in the sun at Reiji's house, a fact that Reiji considers her a freeloader.

After Eye Space disappears after the defeat of Kengo Reiji wakes up to find Sakura sleeping in his bed, slightly irritated he wakes her up in a rude manner. Reiji upsets Sakura by referring to her as a weapon as she says she wants him to see her as a girl. Sayuki enters the room and the three of them discuss Eye Space and battle of magi fighting for the "Ultimate Magic" and decide that to survive this battle they need to search for the one responsible for the tournement.

Fun InvestigatingEdit

Reiji, Sakura, and Sayuki search around town for clues to the identity of who is behind Eye Space, Sayuki leaves though Reiji and Sakura continue to search. Sakura does more playing that investigating much to Reiji's annoyance. The two stop by a shrine as Sakura states that she is a "sakura spirit" and gathers her energy from sunlight. Sakura meets a small dog with a red scarf around its neck and descides to pet it, despite Reiji's warning, the dog then bites down on Sakura's hand and she screams until Reiji manages to get it to release her.

Sakura is distraught over getting bitten by a dog but even with that she secretly brings it home much to Reiji's dismay. Though Reiji objects, his foster parent "Sagara" allows her to keep it. Sakura gives the dog a name "Maota" and attempts to show her love, only to get bitten again.

Beach FunEdit

Sakura accompanies Reiji, Sayuki, Momiji, Ryuichi and Nagisa to the beach after Reiji accidently mentions that he'd been invited there by a friend. Sakura is a little annoyed when Reiji doesn't give her an accurate compliment on her bathing suit, but she has fun spending most of her time there playing with Miki (Reiji's childhood friend)

The King Edit

Jin Arizuka appears before Sakura and Reiji as they'se heading home and states that he wants to know why Momiji is so interested in Reiji, giving him the name "Loki". With the snap of his fingers he starts eye space and degins to taunt Sakura by moving into another dimension (Isabel) using his magical weapon to avoid her attacks. He then sends Sakura to Isabel, but Reiji manages to bring her back usind Da Capo. However even with her back, Jin continues to overwhelm the two of them. In the battle Jin mentions the person named Odin who he says is responsible for Eye Space, Valkyrie then appears and forces Jin to retreate, saying not a word to the two before leaving.

Bathing With a GoddessEdit

Sakura, Reiji, and Sayuki decide to go to a hot spring since the water at their house isn't working correctly. As they prepare to go in Sakura runs off some shere and the player is given a choice of: going after Sakura or heading into the hot springs with Sayuki. Choosing Sakura's root Reiji will run into woods unable to see Sakura but is guided by her singing. Reiji sees Sakura bathing is the lake wearing nothing but her underwear with only her hair covering her breasts. Reiji can only hold his breath at Sakura's beauty, thinking that her naked figure dancing and humming in the water resembles a water spirit rather than a tree spirit. As his heart pounds in his chest he is lured by Sakura's singing which exposes him. Sakura realizes someone's(Reiji's) presence and he is forced to show himself. Sakura blushes and covers her breasts, Reiji can only think that the mysterious atmosphere has disappeared. Sakura calls Reiji a pervert and says that she didn't think that he was the type to peek. In his mind Reiji doesn't deny what she says is true. he originally came into the woods to look for her but started to watch her bathe. Sakura says that if Reiji wanted to see her body so badly that he should have just asked and not resort to such tactics. Reiji is puzzled by her bold statement. Sakura blushes and strikes a more provocative pose and says that she is not so opposed to Reiji seeing her body. Reiji asks, why on earth does she think he would want to see her naked.(Liar) Sakura giggles and tells reiji that there's no reason to be shy, that he is a growing young man and that he can't help but be interested in a girl's body like hers which leaves Reiji speechless. Sakura uncoveres her breasts and says that Reiji is the only one she'd give special permission to see her naked and since Reiji also needs to bathe to hurry up and get in. Flustered, Reiji screams telling her to quick joking around, thinking that its embarrassing to bathe naked with her even though she's his magical weapon. As Reiji rejects her proposal to bathe in favor of going to the hot springs Sakura splashes him with cold water which causes him to scream in shock. Sakura assures Reiji that no humans will come where they are, like "Aurora Falls" this lake is an old refuge for spirits like her and that it is sort of a "goddess' bath." Sakura continues to splash reiji until he gets mad and splashes her back while calling her an idiotic weapon. Sakura says that she'll show Reiji no mercy and spashes him again, soaking him to his underwear, with that she urges him to bathe with her. Reiji gives in while silently apologizing to Sayuki that he is going to bathe here with Sakura. Sakura smiles and continues to splash Reiji while undressing, as Reiji screams for her to stop Sakura unleashes "Laevateinn."(The water version) Reiji can only scream at its relentless power.

Double GangerEdit

When next Eye Space appears,it is when Sayuki and Momiji are arguing, Umi Kajiura appears and mocks the group for being naive. She thens summons her magical weapon (a pair of glasses) and prepares to battle everyone at once. Momiji summons her weapon and fires at Uni while not aiming as warning shots. Seeing this Umi uses her weapon's ability and creates an exact copy of Momiji's weapon, shooting her in the chest, though she is restored by Reiji's Da Capo. Umi then creates a dark copy of Sakura that draws it's power from moonlight and is stripped of its emotions by Umi which she names "Yozakura."

Drawing energy from moonlight and possessing all of Sakura's abilities Yozakura overwhelmes the entire group. Yozokura easily charges Laevateinn by drawing energy from the moon, Umi increases its power by providing the attack with energy from her duplicate grimories. Sakura and Momiji manage to fend off the blast, but bothe are drained of magic in the process. As Reiji fends off another attack Ryuichi interepts the blats with his attack "Thor's Hammer" giving the rest a chance of escape. While out of harms way they think up a plan to defeat Umi and return to the scene to find out that Umi had already copied Ryuichi's magical weapon. Yozakura combines her Laevateinn with Thor's hammer and attacks, but is stopped by multiple blasts from Momiji's grimories which she had hid before returning to the battle. However, Umi restores Yozakura and begins attacking again, utilizing his plan Reiji uses Da Capo to summon Sayuki who' s magical weapon Umi did not bother to copy. Sayuki uses her 360 degree attack "Sturm Kreuz" to destroy Umi's magical weapon and finish her.

In sickness and in healthEdit

Sakura is Bedridden after the battle with Umi, having expended too much magical energy. even though she gains some remainance of her power from basking in the sun for a while, she is still unable to fight. During that time Sayuki is killed by Momiji and she does the best to comfort Reiji. In that time of healing a scene is shown of when Reiji and Sakura first met at the Sakura Tree. Though she remembers when they met each othe she had forgotten the significance of that event. Reiji made the statement "The world is a more kind place than you think" which were the encouraging words that Sakura had said to him the day he was upset over his powerlessness to protect Sayuki from her adoptive parents who were abusing her.


When next Eye Space occures, Momiji attacks Sakura and Reigi out of nowhere with shots from her grimories, but Sakura sees the shots and deflects them using her shield magic. Reiji and Momiji agree to postpone their battle till the final hour of Eye Space. With the timelimit up the three face off. Sakura decides to end the battle quick using Laevatein but if is easily haulted by Momiji's Judgement due to its power becoming weaker as an effect of Momiji's grimories she fired earlier. Realizing this Reiji urks Sakura to fire Laevatein with all the force she has allowing her to fire Larvatein Laegjarn, Complete Access which destroyes all of Momiji's grimories, though manages to regenerate them and recover all of her magic with her skill "L'Arc En Ciel. Knowing that his strategy failed Reiji orders Sakura to charge Laevatein once more as Momiji charges Judgement. reiji uses Da Capo to send Momifi into the sky where she is defenseless, she is then directly struck by Sakura's Laevatein and is defeated. Reiji refuses to let another person he cares for disappear and uses Da Capo with all of his strength and succeeds in saving Momiji, Eye Space vanishes after a few seconds but returns. Momiji is then struck by a red spear and is on the verge of death once more, Reiji tries to revive her but his efforts are invain and Momiji dies, wishing a farewell to the man she loved. Odin appears before Reiji and Sakura, Reiji attempts to assult the older magi but Sakura holds him back knowing that the difference in strength between them is too great. Reiji finally relents and Odin vanishes into Eye space.


After the battle with Momiji, Sakura is once again bedridden, as Reiji nurses her back to health Sakura brings up the topic of what to do about the overwhelming difference in power between Reiji and Odin. She proposes to unlock her true potential through sexual intercourse. Reiji refuses and scolds her for bring up that topic, saying that all this time she has wanted to be treated as a girl and to suggest such a thing would degrade her and make her seem more like a tool. After Sakura admits what she said was wrong Reiji leaves and does not return till late evening. Sakura is physically well healed and goes down stares to see if Reiji has made it home. She sees a battered Reiji with clothes burn from lightning. Sakura realizes that Reija has just ended the life of his rival and best friend, Ryuichi and comforts him.

Sakura's RouteEdit

Sakura decides to bake a cake for Reiji, which she learned from Sayuki. She goes to his school and easedrops on a conversation with him and Miki. As Miki kisses Reiji it will trigger three ending routes: Miki, Sakura, and Momiji. With either choice the player chooses, as Sakura listens to the choice shewill flee with the cake in hand and will present it to Reiji when he gets home.

For Love or for Life Edit

Sakura and Reiji go on a date and ride a boat on the river. Reiji notices Sakura's quiet and reserved behavior (she's usually upbeat and peppy), though Sakura tries to hide whats on her mind Reiji guesses that Sakura had witnessed the incident with Miki. After Sakura admits the scene she witnessed the two talk about their romantic feelings with each other and the subject on whether or not to use sex to bring out Sakura's full power. Two motive options will appear; one stating for Reiji and Sakura to have sex as true lovers, the other stating to have sex to have an edge to fight Odin. No matter which choice the player choose Reiji and Sakura will have sex.

First Friend and Final EnemiesEdit

As Sakura and Reiji leave the house for the final battle with Odin, Reiji persuades Sakura to let him go alone and for her to go fight Nagisa, realizing that if they are to defeat Odin they'll need the power of all other magi. Though Reiji warns Sakura to be careful, she has absolute confidence in her ability to win since she has aquired the magic of far more magi. Still, Reiji tells her to treat Nagisa as the ultimate opponent.

Sakura leaves and walks to the Sakura Tree where Nagisa was waiting. Nagisa tells Sakura that she knew that she would come alone because she could not possibly see Reiji coming to fight her two against one. Sakura tells her that Reiji is the most important person in the world to her, that she is both his sword and shield, they share the same life and are partners. She came here to Nagisa even though neither or them wants to fight. Nagisa tells Sakura that she cannot let the other people of the island be sacrificed and that she doesn't intend to lose, willingly or not; therefore all the days she spent on the island with her friends, she'll protect what they love. (The memories she spent with Momiji, Ryuichi, and Ayane). Sakura tells her that she feels the same way, stating that Sayuki protected the island so she'll protect what they all loved. She loves Reiji and will absolutely protect him, Nagisa says that she knew Sakura would say that. Sakura says that Reiji is fighting alone right now and because he believes in her that she will defeat Nagisa in order to help Reiji, if Reiji is to defeat Odin he needs Nagisa's strength.(At that moment Eye Space appears). Sakura states that in order to protect her Reiji had to kill Ryuichi who was his best friend so now she will defeat Nagisa to protect him. Nagisa tells Sakura tthat she will not run away or hesitate, she will fight to protect the memories she has with all of her friends. She summons her magical weapon and states that Momiji and Ryuichi both protected her and vanished for doing so, but the proof that they existed has not vanished yet because everyone is still inside her and that she can feel them. As long as she lives everyone will still be inside her so she'll protect them and will not lose to Sakura. Nagisa takes a stance and says that even though Sakura is strong she'll use everything she has to defeat her. Sakura understands ther strength of Nagisa's resolve therefore she'll go all-out from the start.

Sakura extends her hand and begins to charge an enormous torrent of magical energy as if it were a reactor reaching critical mass, so much energy that the ground quakes. Seven pink spheres of magical energy appear around Sakura as more magical ether is collected, turning the blue world around them pink. In response to Sakura's move, Nagisa releases "Svafrlami's" true form. Sakura asks Nagisa to forgive her but Reiji is waiting for her so she has to end the match as quickly as she can. Nagisa's future sight ability "Hlidskjalf" predicts her defeat and she begins to despair to the point where is is hard for her to even breath. Nagisa knows that if she uses "Tyrfing" it might be able to slice through Sakura's attack but since Sakura's attack will be seven times more powerful she knows that using it will fail. Nagisa drops her stance but is not choosing to surrender; even though Sakura exceeds her in magic, skill, analytical ability, and physical ability she stands her ground. After firmly stating to herself that she will not lose, Nagisa asks Ryuichi to lend her his strength, Momiji to lend her the strength of her wishes, Ayane to lend her her strength to stand up to anyone and defeat them even if they were her friends. Nagisa discharges alot of magic and asks "Svafrlami" to protect her, after that she'll prove to her sword just how precious her friends are to her no matter what kind of despair awaits her. (All of Nagisa's feelings turn into magic). Even if her body is destroyed, she'll protect the memories she inherited from her friends with her life as the expense of having her soul shredded. Sakura speaks the words: Laegjarn; Seventh Liberation Dimension Zero; Triple Access, stating that this is her most powerful attack, she shouts "Duel Laevateinn". All seven orbs of light converge into one and fire at Nagisa. To Sakura's surprise Nagisa is not attacking or defending from her attack, but is taking it head on. While inside the array of "Duel Laevateinn" Nagisa discharges even more magic and repeats to herself that she will not lose. Sakura's attack is finished and in the aftermath Nagisa stands, holding onto her sword for support, her clothes torn, and forehead bleeding. Though Sakura sees that Nagisa has survived her attack, she cannot fathom how it was possible to do so. Nagisa thanks "Svafrlami" and in response, her sword shines a golden light from the green jewel on its hilt. Asking her sword to lend her its power once more, Nagisa discharges more magic, she takes a stance and tells Sakura that it is her turn to attack. Magical energy that resembles golden crystals form around "Svafrlami", Nagisa tells Sakura that this is her absolute kill technique. Sakura repeats to her self that Nagisa surviving her attack is impossible. (The fact is that the reason Nagisa survived Sakura's attack is because she made a pact with her sword through her feelings that granted her a skill that would enable her to survive called "Trickster-Deprives" a skill that lets one creates miracles that defy reality). As Nagisa discharges even more magic Sakura snaps back to reality and changes her pose in order to fire "Laevateinn". While she still cannot find the answer to why Nagisa survived she knows that if Nagisa is hit with her attack, it will end her and so she pours all of her magic into her hands. Sakura fires "Laevateinn", Nagisa swings her sword and releases her absolute kill technique "Tyrfing". Against all reason and logic, Tyrfing cut through Laevateinn and Sakura's blood shoots out into the air. Sakura falls to the ground in a large thud and is quickly enveloped in her own blood, Sakura knows the wound she sustained is a mortal one and that she will not survive for very long. Nagisa bears her sword toward Sakura; her former friend who she has laid to rest. Sakura mutters Reiji's name and tells him that she is sorry that she couldn't protect him (If Sakura dies, then Reiji will die). Sakura's consciousness fades and everything turns dark around her. Nagisa apologizes and says goodbye to Sakura but she cannot hear her as she is already dead.

In the darkness Sakura could still here Reiji's voice, his last words to her before going off to fight Nagisa, but she cannot remember exactly what he said because her mind is shutting down. Reiji's words: "If you find yourself crushed and on the brink of despair, remember this. You are never alone. We're two sides of the same coin, and forever partners. We're always connected, no matter where we go. I believe in you. I fully believe you will defeat Nagisa. Therefore, you must also believe in me. Sakura no matter what king of despair awaits us, I know you will defeat Nagisa." Sakura gurgles the blood in her mouth and reclaims enough of her vision to see blurred shapes. Understanding Reiji's words she knows that she is dead, that she was defeated by Nagisa and lost her life, but even though she is dead, the inside of her chest is hot as if her corpse had come back to life. Tapping into her "Mimisbrunnr" she finally grasps how she is still tethered to the world of life. While Sakura was battling Nagisa, Reiji was battling Odin and at the exact moment Sakura was struck with "Tryring", Reiji used his absolute defense ability "Da Capo: Einhalt" which as long as he continues to use; nothing can destroy him, because it cuts him off from the laws of the universe. And since he and Sakura are of one mind, if he cannot be killed then she will not die even if she is killed. Realizing that is Reiji releases this ability that she and he will die Sakura clenches her fists and sets her sights on Nagisa. (Reiji is currently fixing his existance to one specific point to the past but as he continues to sustain it and fight, he will not be able to hold it for long. If during this time Sakura can defeat Nagisa and gain her magic and vitality, she can revive herself and save her and her master). Sakura states to herself that even though she was defeated one, she will not lose again and stands back up. Nagisa is stunned by how Sakura has risen to her feet even after being killed by her attack. She states that it is impossible for Sakura to be alive after receiving her one-hit kill technique. Sakura agrees that it is impossible but the fact is that she is still here; until every ounce of her magic is used up, she will not give up. Nagisa has already used her only attack and therefore has no other means of attacking, but she believes that Sakura should not be able to attack as well. Sakura states that even if her life is extinguished (It already is, she's basically a zombie now) she will still defeat Nagisa. She sets up to fire "Laevateinn" with one hand and says that while Nagisa fights to protect her important memories of the past; she herself will fight to ensure the future that can be anything else. Nagisa takes the stance that she takes when using her absolute kill move and discharges alot of magic. Sakura full charges her attack and fires "Laevateinn", even though it would mean her own destruction Nagisa swings "Tryfing" after stating that no matter who her opponent is, she'll always prevail. As Tyrfing pushes Laevateinn back, Sakura prays to Reiji for his strength and says that her pure light (Laevateinn) will not be defiled. Sakura's words cause a miracle to happen as it seems that she has some how linked hers and Reiji's existance to her attack; Tryfing is unable to force its way past Laevateinn. As the two attacks clash against each other "Svaflami" loses its shine, seeing this Nagisa begs everyone for their strength and releases more magic. She takes her stance and says that she'll swing her sword as many times as it takes to overcome the force of death which is Sakura's Laevateinn. She prays to her sword for more power, the power to cut through multiple "concepts" (Sort of like laws that magical weapons have) her words allow her to awaken the true power in her heart. After seeing Sakure's strongest attack "Dual Laevateinn" Nagisa has come up with her own method to achieve a similar effect. Nagisa swings "Tyrfing" but though it seems like she swung it on time, she actually swung it three times. Her attack cuts through Laevateinn and Sakura is down for the second time. Nagisa stands up straight with an enormouse amount of golden energy pouring out of her body almost as if she was using Ryuichi's "Turbulence". She speaks of Momiji's strong feelings, Ayane's unbreakable will, and Ryuichi's power and desire to win, she is not alone and while Sakura and Reiji may stand together as two people, Sakura is confronting four people combined. This is her absolute kill technique "Achilles-Paradox" (A skill that lets her engrave "infinity" into her sword by rewrite the concept of "numbers"; this power lets draw out the power of Vanagandr: The Absolute Concept) Any attack used against her, she can overcome it by dropping its power to zero; sort of like Ayane's "Brisingamen". Even though almost all the magic in her body is used up Sakura manages to stand, she repeats to herself that she cannot lose and charges "Laevateinn" but there is no power behind it. Nagisa holds her sword up to the sky and tells Sakura that it is useless, even if her attack has power behind it, this is the end. Sakura denies what Nagisa says; screaming that it is not useless, no matter how hard she tries she cannot get her attack up to the destructive power. Nagisa tells Sakura that this is not hers but everyone's absolute kill technique and swings "Tyrfing". Sakura falls to the ground and the only thing passing through her mind is that she cannot win, no matter how many times she challenges Nagisa, she cannot win. She begins to lose consciousness and finally accepts the reality of her death, but as she dies she tries to understand what exactly was the difference between her and Nagisa. After thinking for a while on that matter she comes to a conclusion; she is not human, she is just a weapon. Since humans are capable of infinite possibilities, compared to a weapon like herself, there is no possible way she could have won. She apologizes to Reiji for not being able to protect him. Drowning in despair Sakura begins to recall the memories she's spent with Reiji over the past month, she's always protected Reiji and has always loved him. But since she is a weapon she knows those feelings are not real but rather she wants to make them real. Even though Sakura's heart has stopped beating she can feel something thump in her chest the more she thinks of Reiji who believes that she will come back from her fight with Nagisa alive. A strange warmth envelops her body and she can feel the tiniest bit of magic inside her along with Reiji's pulse. Sakura realizes that she and Reiji are partners and can always rely on one another, while she is despairing over losing to Nagisa, he continues to believe that she will win. Sakura's only desire to live with Reiji, it is the only thing that keeps her from disappearing something only humans are capable of. She discharges some amount of magic and stands, she tells Nagisa that she did not understand that the true strength of humans were their desires. Sakura tells Nagisa that she doesn't want all of the things she's experienced with Reiji up to this point to disappear, even though her body is in the state its in now, she can still fight. Nagisa understands Sakura's feelings, no matter how much she was injured she always stood back up, she'll rise along with Sakura. She takes a stance and says that she will never lose, not to herself and not to Sakura. As Nagisa prepares to attack Sakura does nothing but tell Reiji to wait for her and that she will aid him now, because she is his strongest sword and invincible shield. Nagisa tells Sakura that it does not matter how many times she stand, her Tyrfing will cut through all the world's laws. Nagisa swings hr sword but Sakura is unharmed, Nagisa is puzzled and wonders if her attack actually his Sakura, none-the-less she fills her sword with energy and swings it again but the result is the same. Sakura tells her that its useless, that this is not a concept that she can cut. Sakura announces the name of her skill "Dimension Mirage" (Since she is a Sakura spirit that governs "sunlight" she can adjust light to make her opponent see an illusion while at the same time her true self is in another dimension where they can not reach her). Sakura tells Nagisa that she has discovered her weakness which are her eyes, they allow her to read her opponent's movement ahead of time allowing her to swing her sword whereever she needs it. But her eyes will only allow her to cut what her eyes see. Nagisa repeatedly swings her sword but she hits nothing and her "Achillies-Paradox" is wearing off. Nagisa raises her sword high and asks it to allow her to cut all dimensions, she swings her sword one final time

Nagisa falls into Sakura's arms and she embraces her. Sakura tells her that she's done enough, she won't forget her, and that no one will forget her. Sakura states that she doesn't want to fight any more and that she no longer has a reason to fight, Nagisa is her precious friend so she will shoulder all of her burdens. Nagisa has a kind and tender heart that has in it the will to not harm anyone. Nagisa had already used up all of her magic by the second time Sakura had stood up so it was obvious she was going to die. Nagisa thanks Sakura and reverts back to her origional form, as "Svaflami" shatters, the two women say goodbye to each and Nagisa vanishes into ether.

Against OdinEdit

Reiji summons Sakura's spirit using DaCapo: Curtain Call along with Ryuichi and Momiji to use a powerful combined move "Overload Laevateinn", though it does not defeat Odin.

Starting OverEdit

After Reiji defeats Odin , he heads to the Sakura Tree where he knows Sakura is waiting. He states that he wants to continue the peaceful life he has with Sakura, but Sakura asks that the two of them use the "Ultimate Magic" to bring about the miracle of everyone surviving and living peacefully. Reiji is reluctant to use that power as he knows it will spell the end of Sakura. But Sakura finally convinces him that it is the best possible outcome and after agreeing to see each other again they recite the word "Fortissimo". In the new world they had created, after Reiji speaks to all his friends he heads to the Sakura Tree where Sakura greets him for the first time again.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

fortissimo//Akkord:nachsten Phase StatsEdit

"Lægjarn... Seventh Limitation... Dimension Zero... Triple Access...
Let's do it, Nagisa!"
Power: S
Speed: C
Range: A
Vitality: Depend on mana
Precision: E
Mana: A
Potential: F
Bg b1

Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo StatsEdit

Power: E
Agility: D
Mana: A
Technique: A
Chara 09 detail


  • Ásgarðr (穢れなき極光の神殿(アースガルズ) asugaruzu; Norse for Enclosure of the Æsir, Japanese for Temple of the Holy Lights): this is Sakura's battle robe, giving her access to her source of magical power.
  • Lægjarn (解放されし九つの鍵(レーギャルン) regyarun; Norse for Lover of Ill, Japanese for Release the Nine Keys): the nine keys system was created to restrict Sakura's tremendous power. By the time Reiji summoned Sakura, seven key was unlocked as the default setting.


  • Lævateinn (穢れなき桜光の聖剣(レーヴァテイン) rēvatein; Norse for Damage Twig, Japanese for Holy Sword of the Untainted Cherry Blossom Light): Sakura's power is a type of magic that can be shot out as a gigantic energy blast, capable of crushing an entire planet in its best condition. Since this attack requires an enormous amount of magical power, Lævateinn was limited by a nine seals system to prevent her from breaking down as well as causing unrepairable destruction.
  • Mimisbrunnr: Being a humanoid tactical weapon Sakura has somewhat of a information storage installed in her that lets her record information on her and Reiji's opponents, but only if she sees her opponent uses their skill.
  • Petals Shield: Sakura can create a barrier to deflect incoming attacks, it can deflect small attacks like Momiji's grimiore but cannot deflect powerful blasts and is not as powerful as Hinako's "Aegis Maiden".
  • Dual Lævateinn (多重式屈折次元収束魔導砲(デュアル・レーヴァテイン) dyuaru rēvatein; Norse for Dual Damage Twig, Japanese for Multi-Dimensional Convergence Refraction Magical Melody): by releasing all nine seals, Sakura can unleash her true power: Dual Lævateinn. According to Nagisa's perception, this attack cannot be dodged or blocked; the enemy has to take on the power that can destroy a whole planet, which means complete destruction. However, it appears that Dual Lævateinn can still be stopped by a higher Concept, as Nagisa was able to blocked it, although not unscathed.
  • Dimension Mirage (そして誰もいなくなった(ディメンション・ミラージュ) dimenshon mirāju; English for Dimensional Mirage, Japanese for And Then There Were None): Sakura has a hidden Rune that allows her to create a shield of absolute defense. This Rune places Sakura into another dimension where the opponent cannot reach; therefore, no matter how strong the attack is, it will not reach Sakura on the other side.
  • Fortissimo (誰もが願いし平和(フォルテシモ) foruteshimo; Japanese for Desired Peace for Everyone): by combining the ultimate magic with Reiji, the final Magic can bring about a miracle. This final magic was used to create a world where everyone was at peace.
  • Seiken - Lævateinn (真説・穢れなき桜光の聖剣(聖剣・レーヴァテイン) seikenu - rēvatein; Japanese for Truth Theory - Holy Sword of the Untainted Cherry Blossom Light): Sakura's new rune after being revived into her true form. She develops this rune when Reiji told her to combine both the Mahoutsukai and Kisekitsukai's powers together. Using the Kisekitsukai's "Link Slash" ability and Sakura's magic, she creates a sword from her body. The sword links with Reiji's arm as he is about to use Fenriswolf. This in turn creates the rune Fenris Lævateinn.


  • Sakura means pink flower petals in Japanese.
  • In Norse Mythology Lævateinn is a sword forged by Volundr that has the power to destroy the world.
  • After Sakura's Route ends, a man wearing a kimono and a young woman named Freya appears at the end and watches Reiji and Sakura's reunion.