Sōsei Yoshino
Chara 25 detail
Character Info
Gender Male
Three Sizes
Family Sakura Yoshino (Wife)
Reiji Yoshino (Son)
Ryūichi Sumeragi (Adopted Son)
Voiced by Kousuke Toriumi

Sōsei Yoshino (芳乃 創世 Yoshino Sōsei), also known as Odin (オーディン Ōdin) is the main antagonist of fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase.


Sōsei has short brown hair with white bangs and red eyes. His build is one of the most muscular in the whole game, secondary only to Hagane Todoroki. He is said to be as young as Reiji's brother (if he had one), a side-effect of being a magus.


In his youth, he is said to have a very strong sense of justice and would stand up for his loved one. These aspects of his still have not changed in the present, since Ryūichi looks up to him because of them. However, the loss of his most loved one caused him to turn cold and brutal; despite this, Sōsei himself states that he is just the same as before. Although he does not particularly care if his own son dies participating in Ragnarök, he truly regrets the fact both him and Ichigo are dragged in his ceremony and wished that it could have been different. Nevertheless, his determination is powerful enough to help him overcome his reluctance and continue with Ragnarök.


Sōsei is Reiji's father and Ryūichi's foster father. He was the one who put an end to the war for O Parts years before the events of Fortissimo takes place. During this time, he was partner to Ichigo Sagara. However, the war ended with SAKURA, his wife's death and left him with nothing but emptiness. Determined to change reality, Sōsei created the battlefield of Ragnarök, a ceremony that would help him attain the ultimate magic to revive SAKURA.

Some time before Reiji's returned, Sōsei let Jin Arizuka know about Ragnarök and agreed to share the right to be the Game Master, since he did not want to show up by himself. He hid his presence in daylight and silently watched Ragnarök while Jin was in control. After Jin was killed, Sōsei personally supervised Ai Space like how it was meant to be. From that point onward, Ai Space did not occur randomly on a whim, but was triggered whenever the combatants were needing it to fight.


Ein KirschenbaumEdit

Sōsei planned to watch the ceremony take place until there was only one survivor left, but when Reiji broke the rule of the ceremony by letting Momiji Satomura live after destroying her Magic, he showed himself to kill Momiji and remind Reiji of the rules. With Momiji's battle finished, Sōsei erased his presence again.

After that, Ichigo finally found where Sōsei was hiding: at the hospital where they met SAKURA. She tried to convince Sōsei to stop since his son, Reiji was also involved. However, Sōsei declined, saying that Reiji participated on his own and his death was the least of Sōsei's concern. The two engaged in a short battle, in which Sōsei overwhelmed Ichigo with sheer magical power.

On the 33rd day ever since Ragnarök started, Reiji challenged Sōsei to a final battle. Sōsei allowed him to have an audience, but told him that they did not have to fight, since Nagisa was the only combatant standing. He explained that Ragnarök was originally intended for 12 participants, but then Reiji, an irregularity appeared, Sōsei had to become a supervisor. This revealed the fact that they would not have to fight each other. Instead, all Reiji had to do was to defeat Nagisa and obtain the ultimate magic, and then they could use that power to revive SAKURA, Reiji's mother. Reiji however, refused since this also meant having to sacrifice his partner Sakura and chose to battle his father.

A battle between father and son occured, with Sōsei overwhelming Reiji both in power and stamina. Even after having received the ultimate magic, Reiji was not a match for his father. However, when he finally received his mother's will through the brooch Ichigo gave him earlier, Reiji gained the true knowledge of his Magic, which was the ability to rewind time a target indefinitely, Sōsei's was not an exception. With this, Sōsei lost to his son. He finally understood that he was in the wrong the whole time and that the time had come for him to rest. Reiji bid him farewell, finally calling him 'father'.

In the end, everyone who died during Ragnarök was resurrected by Reiji, Sōsei included. He had seemingly begun to open up to his son like a true family.

End of the WarEdit

Odin first appears in the "Prologue" of the game retaining his origional appearance as Sosei Yoshino where he is standing in a sea of flames holding SAKURA's scarf. He mutters her name repeatidly in shock of her death while people call out to him for help, but he ignores them. Rouge Flame approaches him, Sosei asks is he intends to kill him as well. Rouge Flame says nothing, he strikes Sosei with two blasts of black fire but it has no effect on him. Sosei tells him that it is useless which makes Rouge Flame angry, he attacks Sosei again but the results are the same. Sosei tells Rouge Flame again that it is useless, that his flames no longer have any effect on him. (Sosei had already imbuded his body and magical weapon with the concept of eternity). Rouge Flames becomes fearful; Sosei tells him that this is his end and in his mind he resolves himself to end the war and create the "Ultimate Magic".

To Let Her Live Would've Been an InsultEdit

After Reiji revives Momiji and breaks the rules of "Ragnarok" Odin resummons Eye Space and kills Momiji with Gungnir. On Reflex Reiji starts to heal her again with Da Capo. Sakura senses Odin's presence and tells him to show himself. Reiji sees Odin and instantly knows that it is him, in his mind he knows that he cannot defeat Odin. Odin tells Reiji that he has temporararly disrupted this ritual but he will not kill him, Momiji will serve as the magi to be sacrificed. Reiji tells him to shut up and pours an excess amount of energy into Momiji to restore her but the wound continues to open up. Momiji tells Reiji to protect Nagisa and says that she loves him, after which, she vanishes. Odin stands there with a satisfied look on his face. Reiji gets up, calls him a bastard and asks him if he knows what he's done, he states that Momiji was finally able to atone for her sins and lead her life in a new direction; and Odin just killed her. Odin says that the purpose of this ritual is to collect all the magic he can therefore Momiji had to vanish; he finishes by stating that to let her live would be an insult. At that moment something snaps inside Reiji turning his entire vision red, the only thing he has is the desire to wipe the man infront of him off the face of the Earth. Reiji's magical energy explodes within him and twists around his body like a whirlwind. As he approaches Odin Sakura grabs him and tells him to stop, Reiji screams at her to let him go because he is doing to kill Odin. Sakura tells him that he cannot do it, that he'll die. Reiji reminds her about what Odin did to Momiji, cruely states that she is just a magical weapon and tells her to help him. Though shocked by Reiji's words, Sakura tells him that even if that is true; she is not going to let her master (Reiji) fight in a battle that he cannot win. Reiji realizes that what she says is true and backs down. Odin tells that he has been saved by his magical weapon (Sakura) so he will let him go this time. After which Odin vanishes.

Odin vs YggdrasilEdit

Ichigo Sagara heads to the island hospital and calls for Odin to appear. Odin appears and tells her that it has been a long time, Ichigo laughs and says she knew he would be here and that he had found a way to hide himself even though she had searched the entire island. Ichigo tells him to answer her as to why he involved his own son in this war involving magical weapons which led to SAKURA's death. Odin answers by saying that all he wants is the "Ultimate Magic" and that Reiji got involved on his own. Ichigo asks why he did not stop this ritual when he realized that Reiji's life was in danger, Odin states that it was because nothing had changed and he could not stop "Ragnarok" even if the irregular involved was his own son. He did not expect Reiji to get involved but it didn't mean he had to stop it and he would sacrifice anything to fulfill his only desire. Ichigo suspects that Odin wants to aquire more power in order to gain more revenge for being treated like a lad animal by "Voluspa", however Odin says that he only destroyed the branches of the organization as he traveled the world in order to prevent another meaningless war and he did not begin the ritual of Ragnarok for revenge. During his travels he gathered as many pieces of the "OOparts" as he could and sent them back to the island hoping that people would find them and become magi. Ichigo states that though Odin wants to prevent another war, his thoughts and actions are contridictary. As Ichigo tells Odin that there is no possible wish that something like the "Ultimate Magic" can grant; she realizes what Odin's wish is. Odin tells her that what she thinks is correct, that he intends to use the "Ultimate Magic" to revive SAKURA. Ichigo protests his actions saying that even though OOparts have abilities beyond human understanding, it is impossible to revive the dead. Odin tells her that that is why he needs the "Ultimate Magic" and that if a magical weapon cannot do it he'll go beyond it. Ichigo tells Odin that it is impossible and would make a complete mockery of that person's life, but Odin says that it is possible, he'll achieve the "Ultimate Magic" by depriving other magi of their magic and use his magical weapon as the trigger. Ichigo says that even if he does revive SAKURA, does he think that she would be happy that he sacrificed so many innocent lives just to revive her. Odin tells her that he knows that SAKURA will be appalled by his actions and hate him for being evil, but even so; he'll ressurect her anyway in order to gain the happiness he wants. He will become either The Devil or God in order to regain hr bright smile again. Just as animals eat one another to survive; he will devour all other magi in order to achieve his purpose.

After hearing those words Ichigo throws away her hat and cape ans states that the two of them are on parallel lines. Odin tells her that he has no desire to harm her but he will extinguish anyone who plans to disrupt this ritual. Calling Ichigo "Dog" he tells her that also applies to her. Ichigo becomes angry and tells Odin that the only one's allowed to call her that were her best friend SAKURA and partner Sosei and that they are both gone so he does not have the right to call her that. Since he is the mastermind behind this ritual, she will bet everything to stop him. Since he knows that Ichigo's ability is dangerous Odin invokes Eye Space. Ichigo tells Odin that he seems to have forgotten that whenever they fought in the past he could never beat her even once, Odin says that he is different from who he was back then and that his abilities transcend even God. Ichigo points out that even though she is not a magi, she is the strongest human and now has full control of her magical weapon. Odin knows that her magical weapon's power is "Endless Banish" and bids her to show him her power for he has never seen her truly serious and wishes to experience it. After a long stand off Ichigo charges at Odin, moving at a speed faster than he can react to and uses "Endless Banish" which turns Odin and his magical weapon to nothingness. Ichigo states that Odin drowned his heart in his own power and that is why he lost, however Odin speaks from the void, calling her splendid as he did not think she could return his existence to nothingness the way she did. A golden light flahes and Odin appars before he once again, he says that with a power like that Ichigo could have defeated "Rouge Flame" with ease and that she truly has surpassed all magi. Ichigo is shocked as to why Odin still exists after she literally erased his existence, Odin tells her that she did erase him but only for a brief moment. He speaks th name of his magical weapon: Das Rheingold (The Ordinal Night). Because of its ability Odin's body and existence is eternal (Or rather his existence will continue to revert back to one point infinitely). He has complete immortality and no matter how many times she erases his existence, he will revert back to one point for eternity. Ichigo understands that no matter how many times he is destroyed, his body will revert back to the way it is. Odin tells hr that since the moment that SAKURA died that he has been eternal, Ichigo tells him to not get carried away just because he is immortal and that she has other strategies to fight. Odin says that his ability is not complete immortality but rather it is "Gungnir" (God Spear of Creation), it gives him the ability to create four of the absolutes of th world and nothing can compare to him, not even her who is the strongest human "Yggdrasil". Ichigo takes a stance and tells him to say that after he defeats her and that she will send him to the abyss. She then uses Endless Banish on everything she sees, including the environment around Odin and turns it into a swallowed abyss where she hopes that he cannot move from, however it does not work as only humans need space to move and that does not apply for a God like him. He steps onto the abyss as if it were natural for him and speaks the word: "Walkure" (Die Walkure; The First Night), the space that Ichigo destroyed reappears as if nothing had happened to it. Odin tells her that the highest ability of God is the ability to create space, Ichigo realizes that Odin used this ability to create a space that resembles "Eye Space". Ichigo jumps away in order to think or a strategy, Odin then speaks the word: "Siegfried" (The Second Night); the distance that Ichigo had gained from jumping away from Odin closes itself in an instant and she is unable to move her feet. Odin tells her that no matter how strong her legs are. their is no human that can escape the laws of physics. Ichigo recognizes the magic Odin used as "Concept Magic" (Magical rules of laws). Odin states that as the "Ultimate Magi" his ability "Gungnir" allows him to create "Eternity", "Space", and "Rules" for which to govern it, he can control all the rules in the space he creates and change them to create new ones. Ichigo realizes that that is how Odin created this space and why whenever magi kill one another they take the defeated magi's magic. Odin tells her that with the "Ultimate Magic" he will be able to create "Life" the final absolute and revive SAKURA who looks exactly as she did when she died because of his power. Odin bids Ichigo to surrender because he has no reason to kill her and is sure that she understands that if he wanted to kill her, he could have. Even if she does not approve of what he is doing she must stand down because it would make SAKURA sad to return to a world without her. Ichigo sighs, realizing that all she's ever wanted was a normal life; even so, she says that she will not back down. Odin calls her a fool for choosing to die in vain. Ichigo smiles because she realized that she has always had what she wanted (A life with her family) but when Sayuki died, her instincts as a mother rather than a guardian made her want to protect that life no matter what. Because she promised Reiji that she would drag Odin home with her, she does not need a chance at winning, but only her will to fight. Ichigo dis-charges her magic while telling Odin that while she has finally gotten away from being alone that he deserted everything he had. Odin takes a stance and tells her farewell; intending to answer her choice with all of his power. Ichigo realizes her death but even so, she uses "Endless Banish" with all of her power behind it, Odin says the words: "Twilight of The Gods" (The Third Night; Gotterdammerung). Odin swings his fist while shouting "Gungnir"; a crimson spear releases from his fist, blows through Endless Banish and hits Ichigo.

Ichigo sits on the grass prepared for death but her body is still intact. Odin tells her that his attack destroyed her soul not her body because at the very least he did not want her end to be as a pile of remains that could hardly be considered human. It will take severall minutes for her soul to completely dissappear, because she was his partner he wanted to allow her to make peace with herself. Ichigo's body is sizzling from Odin's attack, nevertheless she laughs and tells him that was rather nice of him. Odin states that he truly regrets doing what he did but he cannot turn away from his path, that is the measure of his resolve, he'll shoulder all of the world's burdens just to realize his wish. Ichigo smiles while saying that father (Odin) and son (Reiji) are very similar. With Reiji's face in mind she smiles heartidly and states that she is at a complete loss. Odin asks her why she chose to fight even though she knew that it would end with her death. Ichigo tells him that even though she predicted her own death she understood one small, simple thing. She wanted to remind Odi who has the power of God that the power of humans is still extraordinary, that is something that SAKURA understood. (Because she did not want to let go of the connection with her family is why she risked her life). Ichigo apologizes to Reiji for not being able to keep her promise and for not being able to protect him. After passing on the wish that everyone has to him, she vanishes into ether. Odin stares at the particles she leaves behind and feels a sharp pain in his heart, but he quickly shakes off the feeling of remorse and says that no matter how much blood he has to spill; he will realize his wish and tells SAKURA to wait for her.

Odin vs LokiEdit

Reiji is guided to the island hospital by the "brooch" that Ichigo gave him that belonged to his mother SAKURA, he calls for Odin (Refering to him as his crappy father) to come out and end this joke of a war. Reiji is invited into a different world than Eye Space. Odin tells him that this is the final stage in the war of the gods "Valhalla" (The dimension looks like a galaxy filled with stars; colored purple) and it is also the place where his mother "Brynhildr sleeps. Odin states that Reiji has grown, he responds by saying that no thanks to him. Odin smiles and says that he did not expect Reiji to appear before him alive or to become involved in this war. He did not think any magi other than him was capable of defeating Ryuichi, he had raised Ryuichi for the sole purpose of Ragnarok, but Reiji had taken his place in the end and was truly the only one worthy of standing before him. He states that though Ryuichi's power was wonderful; he was to naive and narrow-minded and perhaps his defeat was natural. Ryuichi might've been able to understand his reason for this ritual, but Reiji is different. Reiji asks Odin what he means. Odin tells him about the truth of the world, that it cannot be kind to everyone which Reiji understand from him. He knows that people do what ever they can to keep themeslves happy and discard everything else. (Reiji learned this from his experiences in Ragnarok). Odin tells him that he should know the correct road to take, Reiji tells Odin not to screw with him, that he's different from him and would never think to sacrifice people just to get what he wants. No matter what reason Odin has for doing all that he's done, Reiji only wants to defeat him, and tells Odin that he's going to kick his shitty father's ass. However Odin claims that they do not have to fight, that because Reiji has survived, his goal has been achieved and that with one more sacrifice "Ragnarok" will be complete. Reiji denies what Odin is saying and states that he cannot change the rules that easily. Odin tells him that it is a fact and reminds Reiji that he is an irregular in his plans. He backs up his statement saying that Ragnarok required 12 magi in order to compete for the "Ultimate Magic", however Reiji became the 13th magi, therefore Odin allowed him to take his place among the original 12. Once "Nagisa" (Who is currently battling Sakure, Reiji's partner) has been defeated, Ragnarok will be complete, with Reiji as its' winner. But if her loses, the winner will be Nagisa, however he himself will defeat her but he does not believe that Reiji will lose because he was able to defeat Ryuichi. He then tells Reiji that if he mixes his magical strength with his own, they can achieve the Ultimate Magic, but only if he sacrifices his magical weapon (Sakura). The though of sacrificing his partner who has always been there for him runs through Reiji's mind. Odin then tells Reiji about his mother "SAKURA". She was born with poor health and spent most of her life in the hospital, one day she snuck out of the hospital and met "Sosei" by chance. She lived as she wished to live and always wore a smile, but only try to obtain more happiness than most peolpe would try. The mere sight of her would dazzle him and her life compared to the life he had lived up till now was meaningless. They met every chance they could; SAKURA was a big fan of "Wagner's" famous dramas and refered to herself as Brynhildr (The most beautiful of the valkyries in Norse Mythology) and called him "Siegfried" (A hero in Norse Mythology). They never got bored with each other and everyday was an adventure for them. Eventually SAKURA gave birth to a beautiful child. Odin tells Reiji that that child was him. Even though they were embroiled in the middle of war, they were still able to obtain happiness, but it did not last long. "Rouge Flame" was the man that stole everything from him, because of his flames SAKURA was killed; ironically the moment she entered into the eternal sleep, the power inside him awoke. "Gungnir"; Odin states that he was heralded as the only person capable of wielding the ultimate magical weapon "Der Ring des Nibelungen". However there was a condition that had to be met before it would trigger which was that the one the wielder loves most must die. (As long as SAKURA lived, Odin's powers would never wake up). The price to wield the ultimate magical weapon was his "heart". Reiji thinks that the law of Odin's weapon is too cynical, to protect the one he loves most, he has to lose her first, he'd gain ultimate power but would be alone forever. Odin says that using his ability to create, he recreated SAKURA's body to become eternal, discarded the name "Siegfried" and became "Odin" until he could gather enough magi to start Ragnarok and create the ultimate magic. He tells Reiji that his magical weapon (Sakura) taking on his mother's (SAKURA) form is the desire in his heart for his mother's love and that any love he may feel for Sakura is an illusion, Brynhildr is his true mother. What they want is the same, so let them live as a happy family by sacrificing Sakura. Reiji gets angry and tells Odin that what he's saying is" BS" (You know what it means) Sakura is his valued partner and not a mochery of anyone and that he would not be happy if she was gone. Odin states that though they have no reason to fight each other, Reiji intends to invent a meaningless one and kill him. Odin asks if Reiji thinks the world can have peace when it is built on the sacrifices of many others. Reiji tells that he makes a good point, but he is not perfect and unlike Ryuichi (Calls him an idiot) he doesn't care about justice; all of the sadness and grief he's experienced up till now is because of Odin therefore he'll absolutly defeat him. Odin does not understand why Reiji wants to fight , peace is right infront of him and he wants Reiji to stand at his side and revive SAKURA. Reiji tells him that because of him he has only fought to protect what important to him and crushed anyone who stood in his way and even though theres no right or wrong in his actions, he cannot forgive him for what he's done. If the price to use the Ultimate Magic means he has to sacrifice Sakura, then he has absolutely no need for it. Because he caries the hopes and dreams of everyone who's been sacrificed up until now; he will defeat Odin. Odin finally realizes that Reiji will not listen to reason and only wishes to stick a blade in him. He states that there is no such thing as right or wrong and  tells Loki (Reiji) to come at him. All of his hopes and desires will be crushed, that is the truth of this world.

Reiji discharges as much of his magic into his fist and uses "Fluegal Blitz" to close the distance between him and Odin in an instant. As Reiji throws his fist forward, Odin instantly cocks his arm back; at that moment every cell in Reiji's body screams at him to dodge Odin's fist and he does his best to side step. Odin releases his attack "Gungnir", Reiji is able to dodge it but the air from the attack grazes him, costing him 70% of his strength, he loses feeling in his right arm and leg and is left half dead. Odin tells Reiji that he did well to dodge hsi attack and that he indeed has a natural gift. He then tells Reiji about all of his abilities. Gungnir gives him the ability to create and control the four absolutes that govern reality; The Twilights of the Gods: Form, Space, Laws, Power. He is able to create "power" that surpasses anything, it would render even a magical weapon which has a natural healing ability incapable of repairing the damage done to it. Siegfried, the ability to create "laws" overwrite reality and govern the "space" he creates. Such as making it impossible for anyone to be able to manifest their magical weapon outside of Eye Space. (Except Reiji, because he is an irregular and was never meant to take part in Ragnarok). In Valhalla even if a magi's magical weapon isn't destroyed they can still die if their body is ravaged, if Reiji dies then Sakura will also die. Odin tells Reiji that if he wants to live to not interfere with him again because the only conclusion waiting for him in the end is death. Reiji starts to laugh at Odin's words which gives him the impression that Reiji has decided to join him and he asks Loki/Reiji to come and stand by his side as his son. Reiji tells Odin that he's got to be joking if he thinks he'll join him, indeed his abilities are monsterous but he's been in several life-or-death battles already. He then uses Da Capo to restore himself and says that even if healing doesn't work, if he can return to before that moment, it doesn't matter what kind of ability Odin has compared to his. It doesn't matter how many times Odin attacks him, he'll restore himself everytime. Odin responds by saying that he'll reduce Reiji to dust in and instant, Reiji tells him that thid game is finished. Odin takes a stance and tells Loki that he'll engrave the power of the "Ultimate Magi" directly into his body.

Odin attacks with Gungnir (Armed with the concept of eternity: Das Rheingold), his attack hits Reiji directly but he is unharmed. Reiji tells him that an attack like that just won't cut it. After wondering if his attack really had no effect, Odin realizes that Reiji used "Da Capo: Einhalt" (A skill that Reiji developed in his fight with Ryuichi which fixes his "existence" to the past, making it so that he cannot be affected by by anything, even "death") to protect himself. Reiji tells Odin that since his attacks are impossible to defend against or dodge, as long as he retains his magic and remains anquored to the pastn then he cannot hurt him. Odin says that he is interested in Reiji's ability and wold like to see its full potential, but to be careful; if Reiji drops his guard even for a moment, in an instance his ability will deduce him to ash. Reiji tells him not to get cocky, as long as he has his magic they are evenly matched. Odin tells Loki to come at him; he'll make the skies rain with his death. Reiji dis-charges his magic, runs at Odin and nails him with powerful blows, Odin responds by striking him with his fists as well. Reiji fires "Fenris Wolf" Odin fires "Gungnir", as the smoke from their attacks clear, Odin runs at Reiji and the two continue to hammer at one-another. Reiji again uses Fenris Wolf while Odin uses Gungnir armed with Das Rheingold. The battle wears Reiji out but Odin shows no signs of exhaustion. Odin asks again to why Reiji continues to fight, stating that is he dies that their would be more and more victims. The only thing that Reiji could obtain by defeating Odin is losing his parents again, he does not care if Reiji hates him, but his mother SAKURA would not with for him to die. In order to obtain happiness, someone elses' happiness must be crushed, but a world full of happiness does not exist, that is "Reality". Reiji sighs, this is the first time he's experienced being preached to by one of his parents. He tells Odin that what he says is correct, that he thought the same thing but realized that it was nothing bt an excuse to give up. Their was an idiot (Ryuichi) who wanted to protect the world and blindly chased that dream without giving up. After he defeated him he learned that those feelings of wanting to protect are strong. Odin calls his ideas foolishness, humans can only stretch their ideas so high. Reiji tells him that that is true but the two of them are magi which surpass humans, if Odin had put his mind to what he believed in he could have led the world in a new direction. Odin tells Reiji that the strength he speaks of is nothing more than him running his mouth, if it is indeed true strength to show him. Reiji fills his fist with all of his magic and says that this is his best shot; he then fires "Fenris Wolf". His attack has no affect on Odin. Odin asks if he is finished, Reiji is so surprised that he cannot speak correctly. Odin cocks his fist back and tells Loki that its over, he arms Gungnir with "Siegfried" (The concept to surpass anything) and fires. Reiji scraps every last remainder of his magic and uses Da Capo to defend against Odin's attack, however Odin fires Gungnir a second time and shatters Da Capo. Reiji is knocked onto the ground and begins to cough up blood. Odin decides to let Reiji die naturally, bleeding out and he tells his son farewell.

After a few seconds pass Reiji stands up, he and Odin can feel an overwhelmingly large amount of magic coming from him. (Sakura had just defeated Nagisa and absorbed her magic). Odin is over joyed at the fact that Reiji's partner has defeated Nagisa and tells him that if they cooperate with each other, they can finally obtain the "Ultimate Magic". Reiji responds by saying "perhaps". Odin tells him that unfortunately Sakura (Refering to her as a pathetic woman) must be sacrificed to his magical weapon in order for him to be able to create the final absolute of "Life". Then the two of them can finally revive his mother, SAKURA. Reiji tells him that that doesn't sound like a bad idea, but he had already made a promise to everyoe who has died in Ragnarok and cannot throw their feelings away. Believing that this unjust ritual should've never even existed, Reiji tells Odin that he'll let him know just how honorable everyone's feelings were ands asks everyone for their power. (Everyone can see the master-mind behind this unjust war and each one of them wants to kick his ass!) Reiji screams "Second Access-Gate Open" and tells everyone to lets go and uses "Da Capo: Curtain Call" (This skill allows him to channel the feelings of all the magi's whose magic he absorbed to bring back their magical weapon and temporarely return them to life).

"Jin Arizuka" and his magical weapon appear, Reiji tell him to show Odin his power. Jin agrees but only because it is his dream to surpass Odin. Odin tells Reiji that if he could not reach him with his own magic, using the magic of those who has lost will be useless. Reiji tells him that that is what he expects him to say because he does not know what true "strength" is. He and jin use "Arcadia Jinx" to make Odin's magical weapon crumble and turn to dust, however Odin had already created a concept "Das Rhiengold" to make it so no concept could affect his magical weapon. (A strong concept/law will always over-write a weaker one. Reiji tells him that he'll just have to reproduce his magical weapon. He summons "Umi Kajiura" and tells her that now is the time to use her completely unfair ability. Umi agrees, stating that she'll make Odin feel a woman's wrath for coming between her and her lover. They use "Galaxy Angel" in order to copy Odin's magical weapon but are unable to. Odin tells them that Gungnir's true power cannot be utilized if the one the user loves the most has not been lost. Because Sakura is still alive, Reiji doesn't know what true sadness is. Reiji summons "Kengo Kirisaki" and "Hagane Todoroki" and their magical weapons "Stream Field" and "Eckesachs". Kengo greets Reiji after a long time. Todoroki states that Reiji must be trying to make him angry by looking into his past without his permission. Reiji tells him yes because he needs all of their power. Kengo agrees because Reiji would have been his best friend if he had lived, Todoroki agrees because because of Reiji's courage. The three of them use "Graviton-Naeus" (A fusion of Stream Field and Eckesachs; Stream Field turns into a spear of 666 knives and is pulled toward Odin by the powerful gravitational pull coming from Eckesachs). Odin is unharmed by this attack and states that such childish magical weapons have no effect o him. Odin then takes a stance, preparing to fire Gungnir. Reiji summons "Hinako Takamine" and "Keisuke Sanada" and their magical weapons "Sweet home" and "Mistilteinn", he asks them to use their magical power to help and protect him. Hinako agrees; calling Reiji "Reiji-Onii-chan (Big brother Reiji). Keisuke tells him that is his mistress (Hinako) says that shell protect him then he'll lend Reiji his power. The three use "Aegis-Bringer" (Aegis-Maiden wrapped in a twisted of 51 cards). Odin arms Gungnir with Siegrfied and fires, to Reiji's surprise the shield is destroyed. Odin tells Reiji that he will not be able to create Aegis-Bringer again, due to another "Law" that he has created. Reiji instinctively uses "Fleugal Blitz" to gai distance between him and Odin, but Odin tells him that there is no technique that can escape the range of his attack. He instantly appears behind Reiji and tells him fair well. As Odin fires Gungnir armed with Das Rheingold, red strings appear from nowhere and protect Reiji. "Ayane Amamiya" automatically materializes herself and uses "Brisingamen" to absorb Gungnir. She tells Odin that she will not allow him to do as he wishes, even if Reiji does not love her as she does him, that is enough for her. Reiji tells Odin that he will not be that easy to kill since he already has a stalker-like goddess (Ayane) determined to protect him. Ayane binds Odin with "Stringload" and tells Reiji to attack, Reiji thanks her and tells her to always protect him. Reiji summons his sister "Sayuki Kurobane" and her magical weapons "Utamaru" and "Archimedes". He tells her that their going to hit Odin with their full feelings. Sayuki tells him that she'll intrust all of her power, they'll show he who tore them apart their true bond as a family. The two use "Sturm Kreus" and "Schwarz Weiss" on Odin but it has no effect. Odin asks if that is the best Reiji can do. As to answer his question, seven colored-lasers fire. Sakura, Momiji, and Ryuichi appear along with Momiji's "Grimiore" and Ryuichi's "Mjollnir". Momiji tells Reiji that he has to defeat Odin in her place, because he intruded in their fight. Ryuichi tells Reiji not to give up, that Odin is imprisioned by the shackles of his past and that they have to free him from them. Sakura tells Reiji that they are of one mind and can never be seperated no matter how far apart they are, therefore he has to win and come back to her. All of them pour their feelings into Reiji and they fire "Overload Laevateinn" (A fusion of Duel Laevateinn, Judgement Limit-Break, and Thor's Hammer; Full Access). Odin uses Die Walkure and Siegfried to extend the space between them to infinite, no matter how powerful Reiji's attack is, if it cannot travel to infinite then it cannot reach him. Reiji tells him that if that is so, he'll just have to sever all the "Laws" that Odin creates. He Summons "Nagisa Suzushino" and her holy sword "Svaflami". Nagisa tells Reiji that even though they chose paths that will never cross (I'm not exacly sure what that means) that it does not matter, they are friends and she'll intrust all of her feelings to him. Reiji thanks her but says that he never actually thought that she would forgive him. Nagisa tells him that she could never hate him for anything that has happened, if their roles were reversed he'd do the same for her. No matter what, he has to survive and return to Sakura. The two use "Overload Tyrfing", it cuts through Odin's infinite space and body and kills him instantly. However in a flash of golden light Odin reaappears completely unharmed. He tells Reiji that sixteen years ago he created "Eternity" for himself and has since then been immortal and so one death does not matter. As Reiji is currently stuck in the cycle of life and death, there is no way he can defeat Odin. Reiji cocks his fist back and tells Odin that that does not matter, if his fate is to lose to Odin then he'll beat down fate as well. Odin tells him that he cannot understand why Reiji will not give up even if he knows how this battle will end. Reiji answer is that it is because he is "Human", and even though Odin stands on a higher stage than he does, their's nothing that says he has to listen to him. If anyone else were to try to do what Odin is attempting, he'd think that they were an idiot for trying. Because humans only have one life to live, it is reason enough to continue to fight. Odin tells him that his reason makes sense and that if all Reiji's done is play around during this battle, he'll let him frolic to the very end. Reiji fills his fist with energy and tells Odin that he'll definately surpass him. Odin cocks his fist back and tells Reiji to throw everything he has at him; as his father he will teach him here at the end that "Ideals" will never surpass the truth that is "Reality". Reiji tells Odin that he'll bet everything he has on this last blow, everything he's experienced uptil now. Odin asks Reiji to show him the life he's lived and everything his existance has touched. (Odin's eyes glow with a dark golden light). He intends to respond with everything that he has. Reiji releases "Fenris Wolf", at that time Odin's red magical energy turns black, he arms his attack with Das Rheingold and fires "Overlimit Gungnir" (God Spear of Attacking Creation). Odin's attack easily blows through Reiji's attack and puts him in a near-death state; as a result all of his bones are crushed, his right hand has been blown off, and most of his magic is depleted.

Odin states to Reiji that "Ideals" and "Feelings" are not enough and can only reach so far. Even if he bets everything he has he cannot achieve victory, because the burden he caries is heavier compared to the one that Reiji caries. (That is "Reality"). Reiji groans at Odin's words and can do nothing but lie on the ground and wait for death. Realizing that Reiji cannot use Da Capo to restore himself he bids a farewell to his son, telling him that if he could he would have chosen a road were both of them have survived. He apologizes but states that no matter what he has to lose he will revive SAKURA. (At that moment Reiji falls unconcious). After a few moments to Odin's surprise, Reiji restores himself with Da Capo and stands which Odin says he should not have the strength to do. Reiji tells his father that its time for them to conclude Ragnarok, Odin guesses that Reiji wants to die directly by his hands and agrees to put him out of his suffering. Odin fires Gungnir armed with Siegfried, Reiji uses his skill "Da Capo: Zero" and makes Gungnir vanish. Reiji tells him Odin that his power no longer has any effect on him, that he'll show Odin that the power of humans surpass the power of magi. Odin is stunned and asks Reiji what he did with the eternal power he created, Reiji's answer is simply that he used his power. (Odin's ability "Gungnir" is the power to create anything from nothingness, Reiji's ability "Da Capo: Zero" will return anything to the nothingness that it was: Form, Space, Laws, Power: if he rewinds it back far enough). Odin fires Gungnir again, trying to deny the fact that the "Eternal Power" he creates can be erased, Reiji uses Da Capo: Zero and the result is the same. He tells Odin that it does not matter what he creates, his ability will return it to before it was created; if he became immortal "sixteen" years ago he'll return Odin to before that moment. Odin tells him that with his power exhausted he should not be able to create any magic, Reiji tells him that the magic in him is "Infinite" because it was created from the hearts of "Human" who's power surpass and shine brighter than "Magi". Odin calls him an idiot and states that humans should't be able to create magic. Reiji tells Odin that he'll show him the "Strength" that lies withen every human. Odin grows furious, he builds up so much magic that it turns black and fires "Overlimit Gungnir" while screaming at Reiji that through "will" alone, overcoming sorrow is mere withful thinking. Reiji calms himself and fires "Fenris Wolf" armed with "Da Capo: Zero". Odin's immortality is undone and he is left with a gigantic hole in his chest.

Odin starts to vanish, he realizes that Reiji used the strength of humans to achieve victory. Reiji tells him that he is wrong; that he simply could not defeat Odin the way he was. It was because of his mother and everyone who died in Ragnarok that he won. Odin laughs as Reiji mentions SAKURA, stating that he isn't good enough for her and that she probably wished for him to remain as he was (Brynhildr and Siegfried)  which was what he wanted to protect the most. Reiji tells Odin that even if he shoulders that person's burden he'll still end up alone, but if you throw away everything in order to fight then that kind of power isn't worth being alone. People are always connect to one another even if they're not their and if he wants to connect with someone all he needs to do is extend his hand. Odin realizes that Reiji won by accepting all of the mistakes he made and not using anger against him. Reiji bids a farewell to his father; Odin returns that departing comment to his son. He tells Reiji to never doubt himself, Reiji tells him that because of him and Ragnarok he is resolved to obtain the happiness that everyone sought. Odin tells him good answer, afterwhich he vanishes into ether.


Odin is seen in the credits at the end of the game standing by the "Sakura Tree", talking to SAKURA and Ichigo while retaining his appearance as Sosei Yoshino.

Schnee KristallEdit

The sudden appearance of Kuri Himeshiro increases the magical proportion on Tsukuyomi-jima and, eventually, throws off Odin's calculation. Overheard Reiji telling Sayuki that she must be an Irregular, Odin meets him directly, offering him the position of Game Master and a great deal of information. Reiji refuses and tries to battle him, but Odin proves himself to be too powerful, despite using not even half of his magical power. Ryūichi interrupts the fight so that Reiji and Sayuki can run away and takes on Odin instead. Odin overpowers both him and Nagisa, who comes to save Ryūichi.

To prevent Ichigo from interfering, Odin further pushes his schedule by attempting to get rid of Ayane and Momiji, but Ichigo risks her life to save them. With her power still incomplete, Odin easily bests Ichigo, but fails to kill her; Sayuki brings Ichigo away while Reiji stays behind to fight him. Odin defeats Reiji without much efforts, however.

After the battle, Odin brings Ayane to Idavoll and offers her the Game Master position, saying that he needs to save energy for what was coming after Ragnarök. Ayane initially refuses since Odin killed Reiji, but then accepts the offer since Odin proposes reviving Reiji after completing the ritual.

On the final day of Ragnarök, Sayuki confronts Odin and challenges him to a battle. Odin accepts the challenge and easily bests her, but before he could deal the finishing blow, Momiji arrives and joins forces with Sayuki. The duo fights valiantly before their opponent, yet fails to overcome Odin's immortality. In the last minute, the appearance of the mysterious Loki save the two. With his power, Loki fixes Sayuki's flawed weapon, allowing her to awaken her godslaying power and defeat Odin.

Ahorn der FlammeEdit

On the 31st day of Ragnarök, Odin meets Jin Arizuka, who somehow survived after being killed by Ayane. Using SAKURA as a hostage, Jin proposes a contract between them, in which Jin will continue with leading Ragnarök and become the King, while Odin will take the Ultimate Magic; the condition being Odin going by his rule and is only allowed to battle at 30% output. Odin agrees, but add an additional condition that if Jin betrays him, the contract will be nullified.

As Jin begins making a move, Odin intercepts Sayuki and kills her while his companion defeats Ryūichi to kidnap Nagisa. He has a small encounter with Reiji, who arrives too late to save Sayuki, but does not finish the fight as one victim has already been claimed.

In the final arc, he battles Reiji. Ryūichi interrupts their fight and joins forces with Reiji. Odin initially has the upper hand, but finally lose to their combined efforts. Before fading away, he tells Reiji to be happy, and tells Ryūichi not to become like him.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

"Give it up, Reiji... However hard you may try, I can never be defeated."
Sōsei Yoshino
Codename: Odin
Weapon: Ring of Nibelung
Power: S
Speed: F
Range: S
Vitality: S
Precision: F
Mana: S
Potential: F
Bg b14


  • Ring of Nibelung (ニーベルングの指環 nīberungu no yubitamaki): Odin's weapon is especially created by Voluspa as the ultimate Magic. However, it showed no compatibility to Sōsei after its creation. It is later revealed that the Ring of Nibelung has a hidden activation protocol, which is to sacrifice the most loved one of the user.


  • Gungnir (天地創造の神槍(グングニル) gunguniru; Norse for Swaying One, Japanese for God Spear of Creation): Odin's ability is mainly to create, but it also manipulates the four absolutes that governs the world: form, space, rules and power.
  • Das Rheingold (序夜『Das Rheingold』(ラインの黄金) rain no ōgon; German for "Beginning Night: The Gold of Rhein", Japanese for "The Gold of Rhein"): the first rule of Gungnir allows Odin to create form. Due to this ability, his body can be recreated no matter how many times it gets destroyed. He also stated that he did not know how to kill himself even if he tried.
  • Die Walkuere (第一夜『Die Walkuere』(ワルキューレ) warukyūre; German for "First Night: The Valkyrie"): the second rule allows the creation of space. Odin utilized this rule to replicate Ai Space. Vahalla was also created by this ability.
  • Siegfried (第二夜『Siegfried』(ジークフリート) jīkufurīto; Old Norse for "Second Night: Victory Peace"): the third rule permits the creation of rules inside the space that Odin created. Once a rule is created, only a Magus possessing a Conceptual Magical Weapon ofh higher level can escape from it, although this is mostly impossible since Odin is already possessing a top-notch Conceptual Magical Weapon.
  • Goetterdaemmerung (第三夜『Goetterdaemmerung』(神々の黄昏) kamigami no tasogare; German for "Third Night: Twilight of the Gods", Japanese for "Twilight of the Gods"): the final rule allows Odin to create a sphere of sheer power, which he usually shots at his opponents like spear. When Odin attacks, he takes a stance, draws back his right fist and concentrate a large amount of mana into that fist. Once charged, the power is several times larger than the impact of a meteorite. Even with one strike, Gungnir can completely devastate any kind of enemy and destroy their Magic. The attack neglects everything else and causes only destruction. The first time Sōsei showed this ability, Ichigo was defeated; the second time, it consumed 70% of Reiji's magical power despite the fact that he turned to defense and that he was bearing the magical power of 10 Magi.
  • Overlimit Gungnir (迎え撃つ天地創造の神槍(オーバーリミット・グングニル) ōbārimitto gunguniru; English for Over Limit Gungnir, Japanese for God Spear of Attacking Creation): one of Odin's most powerful attack. Its destructive power far surpasses the normal Gungnir, and was able to completely repel Reiji's attack despite the fact that he had the ultimate magic and the second awakening.
  • Bölverkr (禍を引きおこすもの(ベルヴェルク) beruveruku; Old Norse for "Evil Worker", Japanese for "One Who Causes Calamity"): the ultimate offensive strike of Odin that guarantees death to all enemies. He summons a massive sphere of crimson energy over his head and then brings it down, obliterating his opponent and everything it touches. The impact can crush an entire planet even at only 30% power output, but Odin can adjust it in a way so that it only affect his opponent.

Other abilitiesEdit

  • Immense magical power: being in possession of the strongest Magic Weapon, with a past full of strict training, Odin has an enormous amount of mana, almost unlimited. Despite having a lot of confidence in his own skill, Reiji was instantly paralyzed the moment Odin first appeared, knowing for certain that there was no chance of victory if he were to go against Odin. In combat, his magic capacity is revealed to be even greater than expected. He uses a lot of powerful attacks and conceptual Runes that require a lot of mana, but does not show any signs of exhaustion.
  • Martial arts expert: having received intense training while still in Völuspá, he is well-versed in hand-to-hand combat and other kinds of martial arts. His skills are far greater than Ryūichi's.
    • Ultimatearts (究極複合武術(アルティメットアーツ) arutimettoātsu; English for "Ultimate Arts", Japanese for "Ultimate Combined Martial Arts"): over the years, Odin developed a type of martial arts for himself called the Ultimate Arts. This type of martial arts utilizes deadly speed, power and accuracy to exploit the weakness of the opponent. The basic combo is throwing a barrage of attacks with great speed from all angles toward the opponent, then finishing with a powerful strike propelled by the momentum gained from earlier strikes.


  • Because of his abilities, some fans compare Odin to "Lieselotte Werckmeister" from the anime and visual novel "11eyes". Both have limitless magical power, both became immortal due to the effect of a magical stone (Odin's OOPart and Lieselotte's Void Stone), both can create magical dimensions, "Eye Space and Red Night," and both's desires are driven by the death of their lover, "SAKURA" who was Odin's wife and "Verard" who was the king that Leiselotte loved.