Nagisa Suzushiro
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Character Info
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday January 1
Height 158cm
Weight 51kg
Three Sizes B83 W53 H84
Voiced by Hiroko Taguchi (EXA and Kadenz)
Momiji Akitsuki (EXS and FA)

Nagisa Suzushiro (鈴白 なぎさ Suzushiro Nagisa) is a heroine of fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase


Nagisa has long black hair, which she tied into two pony tails on the sides of her head; the pony tail on the right is a little longer than the other one. One of her most prominent characteristics is her outrageous bust size, which is also one of the main topic for jokes at school. In her battle form, her hair turns white and all of her hair pins are automatically dropped.


Nagisa has affection for Ryūichi Sumeragi and has been trying to convey her feelings ever since he came back. Cheerful, open, and friendly, she is straight forward like her sword, thus Reiji and Momiji likes to poke fun at her naivete. In addition, she has quite an appetite, perhaps even more than a boy. She states that this is due to her kendo training, which consumes a lot of energy and requires a large amount of food to compensate for.


Nagisa is Ryūichi's childhood friend and classmate. She develops romantic feelings toward him after being defeated in her childhood, although the boy is completely oblivious to this fact. One day, after returning from the beach with her friend, Momiji Satomura, the two was dragged into Eye Space, the battlefield of Ragnarök. Hagane Todoroki, a muscular young man and Jin Arizuka, a cocky boy confronted them, targeting Mojimi. Mojimi tried to protect Nagisa, but was knocked unconscious before the crushing power of her opponent. Unwilling to abandon her friend, Nagisa awakened as the holy sword's wielder, officially participating in the survival game taking place in Tsukuyomi-jima.


Nagisa first appears at the Milky Way Shopping Mall where she meets Reiji. Both have gotten lost since it was their first time in the mall, so after they finish discussing about the island they lived on they each head home.

A New MemberEdit

Reiji transfers to Nagisa's school along with Ryuichi, as the teacher is looking around the classroom to find spots to place them Momiji raises her hand to get the teacher to place Reiji next to her. Instead the teacher orders Ryuichi to sit in the seat next to her which she objects and states that Ryuichi should sit next to Nagisa. Nagisa is flustered but the teacher agrees since Nagisa and Ryuichi are childhood friends. Nagisa and Momiji meet Reiji in the hallway where Momiji begins to pester him on pointless topics. They invite Reiji to the Student Council Office where Reiji meets Ayane for the first time. Reiji joins the Student Council and goes their to eat lunch very often. Reiji learns that Ayane and Momiji often tease Nagisa about her breasts and eating habits till the point where she almost cries but knows that they love her very much.

Can I Ever Get MarriedEdit

Nagisa, Momiji, and Ayane enter the student council room and began talking. (Unknown to them Ryūichi snuck in the room earlier to hide from a group of girls that obsessed over him and unwillingly listens in on their conversation). Momiji complains about how boring it is without Reiji to which Ayane questions that just being around her and Nagisa is boring. Nagisa asks Momiji if she is at the stage where she can't live without Reiji to which Momiji denies but states that she thinks about him every night, her statement causes Nagisa to have strange thoughts. Momiji clarifies that she only talks about Reiji to herself atnight. Ayane and Momiji begin to tease Nagisa about having lewd thoughts, to the point where it gets physical.

As Ryūichi is looking for the perfect chance to escape without being seen Momiji begins to sexually harass Nagisa by groping her breast and telling her that if she'd just throw away her pride she'd be the ultimate ero-weapon. As Nagisa tries to free her breasts from Momiji's grip Momiji lifts up her skirt and eventually pulls down her undergarments. Nagisa manages to free her skirt but her breasts are once again caught, Momiji then threatens to list up her skirt to expose her completely, but Nagisa protests that she'd never be able to marry Ryūichi if Momiji does that. Ayane points out that Ryūichi has been watching them the whole time and that she's sure he'll take responsibility. Following Ayane's gave the other two women set there gazes on where Ryūichi is hiding which forces him to come out. Nagisa is stunned as she knows Ryūichi should not be there. Nagisa approaches him as he tries to explain things, even though she is smiling he cannot tell what she is thinking. She asks how long he has been watching to which he replies; since the beginning. As he tells her to pull up her underwear she gets and calls him an idiot and slams her fist into his jaw with all her strength (Nagisa and Ryūichi use to spar all the time when they were children, but this is the first time she's actually hit him). She then starts crying while screaming that he's an idiot.

Beach FunEdit

Nagisa, Momiji, Ayane, Sakura, Sayuki, and Miki arrive at the beach as they had just finished dressing. Nagisa wore a one piece similar to a japanese servant outfit. As Momiji complained over how Reiji was fawning over Ayane's bathing suit instead of hers. She pushed Nagisa (who was hiding behind her) into view. While the other members of the party are off having their fun Reiji decides to talk to Nagisa about Ryūichi and why she likes him. Nagisa explains that her family runs a dojo and even as a child she has been practicing fencing. She had never lost a match and was always looking for stronger opponents, but because she was a young girl the adults would not take her seriously. Then Ryūichi showed up at her dojo and beat her using his bare fists easily and though she was the best swordsmen she had never hit him. No matter how many times she tried, she could never beat him and she eventually fell in love with him. Reiji then tells her that she should confess her true feelings since he knows that Ryūichi is too dense and will never figure out that she loves him. She eventually gives in and vows to tell him someday.

Battle Against Hagane TodorokiEdit

Nagisa and Momiji walk home from the beach discussing their friendship when Jin Arizuka appears before them and begins to threaten Momiji. He snaps his fingers envoking Eye Space and also revealing that Nagisa is a magi participating in Ragnarok. She however is clueless as to where she is and what is happening, making it believe that this is her first time entering Eye Space. Jin tells Momiji that if she doesn't become his woman he will have Hanage his accomplice kill Nagisa. Momiji summons her grimiore and tells him that she will defend Nagisa with her life. Jin laughs but complies with her decision and orders Hanage to attack. Momiji manages to fend off Hanage's attack but her own attack does not work due to his special ability (He cannot be harmed by an attack that he does not understand). Momiji sets her aim on Hanage's weapon (A giant axe). But his weapon is the legendary weapon "Eckesachs" which in Norse Mythology is said to not be able to break.

Jin then tells Hanage to kill Nagisa while he deals with Momiji. Because of her foresight ability she is able so dodge all of his fierce attacks, but as she sees Momiji being badly beaten by Jin she realives that she must attack. Her determination allows her to release her magical weapon "Svafrlami" which appears as a heavy black sword. Hanage is thrilled and tells the "big boobed woman" (Nagisa) to attack. Though Nagisa can still only defend eventaully she releases Svafrlami's true form: a white blade with a golden hilt that has a green jewel on it. Nagisa's appearance also changes; her hair turns silver and a crown appears on her head. Nagisa takes a stance and releases her one-hit-sure-kill-move "Tyrfing" which cuts through not only all weapons and attacks but also all concepts, which renders "Eckesachs" indestructable ability useless. Hanage falls to the ground and even though he knows he is dying, he gives praise to the "big boobed woman", to which Nagisa pleads for him to stop calling her that. After Hanage vanishes Eye Space disappears until next time.

Taking Care of FriendsEdit

Reiji wakes up to Nagisa being in his house along with Momiji who is still unconscious, Nagisa apologizes for the inconvienence to to which Reiji says there is no need to. Nagisa then tells Reiji, Sakura, and Sayuki about how they were attacked by Jin and Hanage which makes them realize that Nagisa is also a magi. Reiji allows her and Momiji to stay at his house because he considers them friends. Days later realizing that Momiji's condition is not getting any better Reiji uses "Da Capo" to heal her. Though she is healed physically her magic power will take time to recover.

Nagisa's Eating HabitsEdit

Nagisa skips down the hall carrying a bag full of bread to her chest as she puts one in her mouth Momiji jumps out infront of her with a wicked smile on her face. Teasingly, Momiji asks if she is embarrased to be eating infront of everyone, Nagisa denies that saying that she simply wanted to taste the new bread since she was hungry. Reiji doesn't realize that Nagisa intends to eat all the bread and asks compliments her for getting sum for him and Momiji. Momiji breaks the ice and says that she plans to eat all the bread herself to which Nagisa does not deny but makes an excuse that since she practices kendo (sword play) all the time it wastes alot of energy and makes her appetite bigger. Reiji responds by saying that that excuse doesn't really work here. As Momiji allows Nagisa to leave, Reiji is stuck wondering how she is able to eat so much amd maintain her figure.

Mischievousness Edit

Nagisa accompanies Momiji in taking care of Sayuki who is sick, Nagisa returns to the room to see Momiji leaning over Sayuki holding a magic marker. Momiji asks Nagisa what kind of shameful things she thinks she should write on Sayuki's face to which Nagisa obviously protests. As Momiji relents Eye Space occures, Nagisa thinks that they should be safe at Reiji's house, but Momiji and Sayuki (who's just woken up) tell her that in Eye Space safety is never guaranteed. Eventually Momiji and Sayuki wonder if they should finish the fight they had back then, but Nagisa is able pursuades then not to. Sayuki then asks where her magic marker is, Momiji is stunned and Nagisa smiles.

Date with DensenessEdit

Nagisa and Ryūichi go on a date through the park after Reiji, Momiji, and Ayane tricked Ryūichi into it. Reiji and Momiji tag along and speak to Nagisa through a communicator. Nagisa is at first walking a few steps behind Ryūichi so Momiji tells her that she should walk shoulder to shoulder. Nagisa misunderstands and presses her shoulder up against Ryūichi, however Ryūichi is so dense that he doesn't realize that Nagisa is appealing to him and thinks that her shoulder is itching, so he scratches it for her which greatly upsets Momiji and stuns Reiji. The two then eat crepes (sort of like ice-cream) when Nagisa finishes eating hers Momiji proposes that she should take a bite out of Ryūichi's crepe as an indirect kiss. Nagisa musters up the courage to use her friend's advice, but as she does Ryūichi notices her actions. While Reiji and Momiji are thinking that some huge event will happen Ryūichi thinks that one crepe is not enought to satisfy Nagisa's hunger and so he offers it to her. After she eats, he makes a remark about how she is still a big eater which causes her to become embarrassed and Momiji to become enraged.

As the sun sets and the date comes to a close Nagisa accidently trips and Ryūichi catches her, using this chance Nagisa attempts to confess her feelings, however Ryūichi stops her and decides to discuss why he came back to the island. He brings up Ayane and that he believes that she is a magi which shocks Nagisa, Reiji, and Momiji. Realizing that information about Ayane is the reason he decided to go on a date with her. Nagisa calls him an idiot for not realizing her feelings and begins to cry. She tells him that she loves him, though he feels the same way he didn't admit it. He tells her that she is also important to him, but the situation at hand (Ragnarok) is more important than their feelings and that he desperately wants to protect her. Nagisa becomes angry and tells him that she's not the same person she was when they were kids. Out of nowhere she pulls out a wooden sword and asks Ryūichi to fight wiith her, he accepts and takes her down quickly, breaking the sword with his fists. Reiji and Momiji came out from hiding and are surprised to know that Ryuichi knew that they were there the entire time. As Nagisa begins to cry over her own weakness, Ryūichi comforts her and apoligizes for making her feel so weak, as Momiji and Ryūichi made Nagisa feel much better, they all head home.

Second DateEdit

Nagisa meets Ryūichi at the mall, both begin to recall their date before and how it concluded with the two of them fighting. Feeling guilty for not realizing her feelings Ryūichi asks Nagisa to go out on a second date, Nagisa is against it first but Ryūichi manages to convince her. Nagisa begins the date by asking Ryūichi not to try to win her over with food. Nagisa then stares at something in the distance, Ryūichi follows her to a "classical japanese sword". Nagisa picks it up and tells Ryūichi to stand still, much to his dismay. Nagisa tells him that it won't hurt because its only a toy, but Ryūichi protests saying that he knows what Nagisa is capable of even if she's wielding a toy. Nagisa tells him that it'd only hurt at first, which ensures Ryūichi that it will hurt. Nagisa tells him how beautiful the sword is and that it probably wants to cut him as well. Ryūichi tells her that if she's going to give the sword a personality; to make it cute not dangerous. Ryūichi then grabs the sword and returns it to the shop keeper and runs along with Nagisa. Nagisa is upset about the sword so Ryūichi changes the subject and the two start talking about cellphones (Ryūichi does not own one). Nagisa then gets hungry and demands ice cream which makes Ryūichi bring up what was said before about not trying to win her over with food. She pouts and tells him to ignore what she said before and not to judge her eating habits.

After eating their ice cream, they stumble upon a little girl who got seperated from her mother, in order to stop her from crying Ryūichi gives the girl a piggyback ride. Attracting alot of attention from other people in the mall, they eventually find the girl's mother. After the girl leaves, Nagisa is somewhat sad and tells Ryūichi about how her father would always give her a piggyback ride whenever she was sad. After Nagisa apologizes for the sad event, Ryūichi gets up in her face. She has a delusion that he will kiss her but instead he picks her up on his neck which shocks her. Because Ryuichi's stunt is too much to handle Nagisa begins to lose her composure and checks her skirt to make sure that it is not flipped up anywhere. Ignoring the fact that Nagisa is wiggling on his head, Ryūichi walks through the mall with her, attracting the attention of many people. Nagisa is mortified but realizes that she is closer to Ryūichi than she has ever been which makes her settle down. Ryūichi says that holding her on his neck is a good way to train because she is surprisingly heavier than she looks. Nagisa gets upset and screams at him to put her down calling him a "stupid idiot". While Nagisa is moving around violently on his neck Ryūichi pleads for her to stop, stating that he can feel her body rubbing against him. Nagisa calls him a pervert saying that its his fault for doing something so embarrassing. Ryūichi apologizes but points out that she's feeling better because of his actions which makes her calm. Instead of dismounting his shoulders Nagisa tells him to keep carrying her and at the end of their date she states that he has no sense of delicacy.


After hearing from Ryūichi that Ayane might be a magi Nagisa visits Ayane in the student council room with Ryūichi secretly waiting outside the door. The feeling in the room is the same as always until Nagisa poses a hypothetical question relating to Ragnarok. Ayane drops the charade, asking Nagisa who it was that put her up to finding the truth. Nagisa tries to deny and lie but Ayane tells Nagisa to ask her straight out what she wants to know. Ayane tells her how many magi are left on the island and that someone they know must be Odin which shocks her. Ayane then asks Ryūichi (whose waiting right outside the door) if he wants some tea she had just prepared. Ryūichi instead runs away, Ayane tells Nagisa that her knight has abandoned her to which she strongly objects stating; Ryūichi is not that type of person.

Facing Facts Edit

Eye Space vanishes after a thunderous explosion; Nagisa, Momiji, Reiji, and Sakura point to one conclusion (That Ryuichi had just ended Ayane's existance). The next day Nagisa and Momiji enter the student council room and find Reiji there. Momiji asks if he is looking for Ayane as well which he answers yes too. Momiji states that even though she knows that Ayane isn't coming today that she was hoping that this was still a bad joke and that Ayane would call her an idiot and make fun of her when she came there. Nagisa cannot stand Momiji's sadness and decides to leave.

After a day, while Nagisa is practicing kendo Ryuichi comes to visit. Nagisa doesn't stop practicing even though shes realized Ryuichi's presense until Ryuichi calls her name. But only for a moment then she continues swinging, Ryuichi then mentions how he killed Ayane and asks her if he blames him for the pain she is feeling right now. Nagisa responds by saying that she and he are alike, she then compares Ryuichi to Reiji in terms of feelings. Ryuichi states that he cannot forgive himself for taking the life of his childhood friend's friend. Nagisa asks Ryuichi a hypothetical question, "What if he asked her to stop fighting, would he stay with her forever". Ryuichi tells her that he cannot stop (Silently in his mind he knows that if he does stop he may lose the one he cares for most in this world which is Nagisa). He then leaves her, swearing in his heart that he will protect her.

Pre-Marriagal ProblemsEdit

Reiji walks into the classroom to find Nagisa alone, she tells him that Momiji is not coming in today. As Ryuichi walks in the bell rings for lunch. Nagisa, Reiji, and Ryuichi eat in the student council room until Ryuichi asks Reiji to step outside with him.

As Eye Space occures Nagisa runs outside seemingly right before Ryuichi is about to fight Reiji and Sakura are about to fight. Nagisa asks them to not fight but Ryuichi tells her to stand aside. As Reiji tries to leave in order to find Sayuki, Ryuichi fires a bolt of lightning past him and tells him that he's not finished with him. Ryuichi again tells Nagisa to step back and that if she really wants to stop him she'll have to do it by force. Nagisa agrees and release her magical weapon. Nagisa swings her sword but Ryuichi pushes it away easily knocking her to the ground. Reiji wonders why of all people are they fighting. Ryuichi tells Nagisa to stand, she does exactly that and continues to attack, Ryuichi increases his speed with "Turbulance" and dodges. He then tells her to quit playing around which she responds to by horizontaly attacking him, he dodges the attack and she fals to the ground. Ryuichi states that if they were fighting an actual battle that he would've killed her already. (His words shock Reiji). No matter how many times Nagisa swings her sword she cannot hit Ryuichi. (Reiji describes his attitude and fighting style to that of a monster) Ryuichi tells Nagisa to stop fighting with a sheath if she wants to stop him. He points out that they've already killed other people and erased their dreams to achieve their own. Realizing what he says is the truth Nagisa releases "Svafrlami's" true form. As Reiji criticizes them for fighting; a thunderous explosion of magic sounds. Worrying for his younger sister Reiji heads home, Ryuichi tries to stop him but Nagisa blocks his path.

You Were My Best FriendEdit

Nagisa, Ryuichi, and Momiji have a meeting at Momiji's house, they at first discuss the floe of Eye Space and how it has been occuring more recently as Jin has died. Ryuichi then proposes that the three of them team up in order to get rid of Reiji and Sakura. Nagisa objects to his idea saying that the Ryuichi she knew would never propose such a cowardly tactic. She asks why has he abandoned his sense of justice and follows up by saying that he is not the same Ryuichi she fell in love with. Ryuichi however is only thinking of protecting the person he loves (Nagisa) and says that he has to get rid of the biggest threat (Reiji). Momiji shocks them by stating that she will not fight agaiinst Reiji, Ryuichi says then he will not either. Momiji then says that if there is a chance that Reiji is Odin and none of them decide to fight him that one of them will surely end up dead, because if Reiji is Odin then he wants the "Ultimate Magic" he'll seek them out and they'll be at a complete disadvantage. Ryuichi agrees and says that if they do wait, Odin will eventually come out and they'll still have to fight. Momiji quickly changes the topic; saying that Ryuichi has a one track mind and criticizes him for not understanding girls wkich Nagisa agrees too. However what Momiji says turns out to be a rues to get Nagisa and Ryuichi to drink some green tea that makes them pass out. As they lose consciousness, Momiji tells then that she had to destroy their friendship because she has something that she must protect, Nagisa realizes that she is talking about Reiji then collapses to the floor. Momiji tells Nagisa that she will protect her no matter what, Nagisa mutters her name before losing consciousness.

Nagisa wakes up several hours after Reiji and Momiji's battle, Ryuichi tells her about Momiji's fate and that Odin is his stepfather (Ryuichi had traines himself to withstand the effects of drugs such as the one Momiji used on him, he witnessed Momiji's death and saw Odin's face while Nagisa was still asleep). Ryuichi tells her that since Odin is his stepfather then it is his responsibility to correct his wrong doings. Nagisa falls into a depressed state and asks Ryuichi to help her deal withher sadness; she tells him to end it for her and that if she dies by his hand then she could die peacefully. After Ryuichi tells her not to say anything that stupid again Nagisa breaks down and Ryuichi puts his arms around her. He tells her that she does not need to be strong, that he loves her, and to trust him to be able to put an end to everything. The two spend the night together. As Ryuichi tries to leave without Nagisa knowing, she grabs his hand and asks where he is going. Ryuichi states that he is not going anywhere and that no matter where he is, he will always be with her. Nagisa asks him to promise to come back which he answers yes towards. As Ryuichi leaves, Nagisa closes her eyes and says "I'll be waiting for you."

My DecisionEdit

Nagisa visits the student council room when Reiji shows up, though she smiles at him Reiji knows she is torn up inside. He tells her about the fight between him and Ryuichi and how he said that he was not fighting for the world or his friends, he was only fighting for her. Reiji then tells her that Odin is his father and as his son that he must be the one to stop him. Nagisa tells him that she has decided to fight, not for herself but for her friends who died. Reiji agrees with her and swears that the next time they meet they will be enemines. He then leaves the club room.

First Friends and Final EnemiesEdit

Nagisa waits by the Sakura Tree, Sakura shows up without Reiji. She tells Sakura that she knew that she would come alone because she could not possibly see Reiji coming to fight her two against one. Sakura tells her that Reiji is the most important person in the world to her, that she is both his sword and shield, they share the same life and are partners. She came here to Nagisa even though neither or them wants to fight. Nagisa tells Sakura that she cannot let the other people of the island be sacrificed and that she doesn't intend to lose, willingly or not; therefore all the days she spent on the island with her friends, she'll protect what they love. (The memories she spent with Momiji, Ryuichi, and Ayane). Sakura tells her that she feels the same way, stating that Sayuki protected the island so she'll protect what they all loved. She loves Reiji and will absolutely protect him, Nagisa says that she knew Sakura would say that. Sakura says that Reiji is fighting alone right now and because he believes in her that she will defeat Nagisa in order to help Reiji, if Reiji is to defeat Odin he needs Nagisa's strength.(At that moment Eye Space appears). Sakura states that in order to protect her Reiji had to kill Ryuichi who was his best friend so now she will defeat Nagisa to protect him. Nagisa tells Sakura tthat she will not run away or hesitate, she will fight to protect the memories she has with all of her friends. She summons her magical weapon and states that Momiji and Ryuichi both protected her and vanished for doing so, but the proof that they existed has not vanished yet because everyone is still inside her and that she can feel them. As long as she lives everyone will still be inside her so she'll protect them and will not lose to Sakura. Nagisa takes a stance and says that even though Sakura is strong she'll use everything she has to defeat her. Sakura understands the strength of Nagisa's resolve therefore she'll go all-out from the start.

Sakura extends her hand and begins to charge an enormous torrent of magical energy as if it were a reactor reaching critical mass, so much energy that the ground quakes. Seven pink spheres of magical energy appear around Sakura as more magical ether is collected, turning the blue world around them pink. In response to Sakura's move, Nagisa releases "Svafrlami's" true form. Sakura asks Nagisa to forgive her but Reiji is waiting for her so she has to end the match as quickly as she can. Nagisa's future sight ability "Hlidskjalf" predicts her defeat and she begins to despair to the point where is is hard for her to even breath. Nagisa knows that if she uses "Tyrfing" it might be able to slice through Sakura's attack but since Sakura's attack will be seven times more powerful she knows that using it will fail. Nagisa drops her stance but is not choosing to surrender; even though Sakura exceeds her in magic, skill, analytical ability, and physical ability she stands her ground. After firmly stating to herself that she will not lose, Nagisa asks Ryuichi to lend her his strength, Momiji to lend her the strength of her wishes, Ayane to lend her her strength to stand up to anyone and defeat them even if they were her friends. Nagisa discharges alot of magic and asks "Svafrlami" to protect her, after that she'll prove to her sword just how precious her friends are to her no matter what kind of despair awaits her. (All of Nagisa's feelings turn into magic). Even if her body is destroyed, she'll protect the memories she inherited from her friends with her life as the expense of having her soul shredded. Sakura speaks the words: Laegjarn; Seventh Liberation Dimension Zero; Triple Access, stating that this is her most powerful attack, she shouts "Duel Laevateinn". All seven orbs of light converge into one and fire at Nagisa. To Sakura's surprise Nagisa is not attacking or defending from her attack, but is taking it head on. While inside the array of "Duel Laevateinn" Nagisa discharges even more magic and repeats to herself that she will not lose. Sakura's attack is finished and in the aftermath Nagisa stands, holding onto her sword for support, her clothes torn, and forehead bleeding. Though Sakura sees that Nagisa has survived her attack, she cannot fathom how it was possible to do so. Nagisa thanks "Svafrlami" and in response, her sword shines a golden light from the green jewel on its hilt. Asking her sword to lend her its power once more, Nagisa discharges more magic, she takes a stance and tells Sakura that it is her turn to attack. Magical energy that resembles golden crystals form around "Svafrlami", Nagisa tells Sakura that this is her absolute kill technique. Sakura repeats to her self that Nagisa surviving her attack is impossible. (The fact is that the reason Nagisa survived Sakura's attack is because she made a pact with her sword through her feelings that granted her a skill that would enable her to survive called "Trickster-Deprives" a skill that lets one creates miracles that defy reality). As Nagisa discharges even more magic Sakura snaps back to reality and changes her pose in order to fire "Laevateinn". While she still cannot find the answer to why Nagisa survived she knows that if Nagisa is hit with her attack, it will end her and so she pours all of her magic into her hands. Sakura fires "Laevateinn", Nagisa swings her sword and releases her absolute kill technique "Tyrfing". Against all reason and logic, Tyrfing cut through Laevateinn and Sakura's blood shoots out into the air. Sakura falls to the ground in a large thud and is quickly enveloped in her own blood, Sakura knows the wound she sustained is a mortal one and that she will not survive for very long. Nagisa bears her sword toward Sakura; her former friend who she has laid to rest. Sakura mutters Reiji's name and tells him that she is sorry that she couldn't protect him (If Sakura dies, then Reiji will die). Sakura's consciousness fades and everything turns dark around her. Nagisa apologizes and says goodbye to Sakura but she cannot hear her as she is already dead.

In the darkness Sakura could still here Reiji's voice, his last words to her before going off to fight Nagisa, but she cannot remember exactly what he said because her mind is shutting down. Reiji's words: "If you find yourself crushed and on the brink of despair, remember this. You are never alone. We're two sides of the same coin, and forever partners. We're always connected, no matter where we go. I believe in you. I fully believe you will defeat Nagisa. Therefore, you must also believe in me. Sakura no matter what king of despair awaits us, I know you will defeat Nagisa." Sakura gurgles the blood in her mouth and reclaims enough of her vision to see blurred shapes. Understanding Reiji's words she knows that she is dead, that she was defeated by Nagisa and lost her life, but even though she is dead, the inside of her chest is hot as if her corpse had come back to life. Tapping into her "Mimisbrunnr" she finally grasps how she is still tethered to the world of life. While Sakura was battling Nagisa, Reiji was battling Odin and at the exact moment Sakura was struck with "Tryring", Reiji used his absolute defense ability "Da Capo: Einhalt" which as long as he continues to use; nothing can destroy him, because it cuts him off from the laws of the universe. And since he and Sakura are of one mind, if he cannot be killed then she will not die even if she is killed. Realizing that is Reiji releases this ability that she and he will die Sakura clenches her fists and sets her sights on Nagisa. (Reiji is currently fixing his existance to one specific point to the past but as he continues to sustain it and fight, he will not be able to hold it for long. If during this time Sakura can defeat Nagisa and gain her magic and vitality, she can revive herself and save her and her master). Sakura states to herself that even though she was defeated one, she will not lose again and stands back up. Nagisa is stunned by how Sakura has risen to her feet even after being killed by her attack. She states that it is impossible for Sakura to be alive after receiving her one-hit kill technique. Sakura agrees that it is impossible but the fact is that she is still here; until every ounce of her magic is used up, she will not give up. Nagisa has already used her only attack and therefore has no other means of attacking, but she believes that Sakura should not be able to attack as well. Sakura states that even if her life is extinguished (It already is, she's basically a zombie now) she will still defeat Nagisa. She sets up to fire "Laevateinn" with one hand and says that while Nagisa fights to protect her important memories of the past; she herself will fight to ensure the future that can be anything else. Nagisa takes the stance that she takes when using her absolute kill move and discharges alot of magic. Sakura full charges her attack and fires "Laevateinn", even though it would mean her own destruction Nagisa swings "Tryfing" after stating that no matter who her opponent is, she'll always prevail. As Tyrfing pushes Laevateinn back, Sakura prays to Reiji for his strength and says that her pure light (Laevateinn) will not be defiled. Sakura's words cause a miracle to happen as it seems that she has some how linked hers and Reiji's existance to her attack; Tryfing is unable to force its way past Laevateinn. As the two attacks clash against each other "Svaflami" loses its shine, seeing this Nagisa begs everyone for their strength and releases more magic. She takes her stance and says that she'll swing her sword as many times as it takes to overcome the force of death which is Sakura's Laevateinn. She prays to her sword for more power, the power to cut through multiple "concepts" (Sort of like laws that magical weapons have) her words allow her to awaken the true power in her heart. After seeing Sakure's strongest attack "Dual Laevateinn" Nagisa has come up with her own method to achieve a similar effect. Nagisa swings "Tyrfing" but though it seems like she swung it on time, she actually swung it three times. Her attack cuts through Laevateinn and Sakura is down for the second time. Nagisa stands up straight with an enormouse amount of golden energy pouring out of her body almost as if she was using Ryuichi's "Turbulence". She speaks of Momiji's strong feelings, Ayane's unbreakable will, and Ryuichi's power and desire to win, she is not alone and while Sakura and Reiji may stand together as two people, Sakura is confronting four people combined. This is her absolute kill technique "Achilles-Paradox" (A skill that lets her engrave "infinity" into her sword by rewrite the concept of "numbers"; this power lets draw out the power of Vanagandr: The Absolute Concept) Any attack used against her, she can overcome it by dropping its power to zero; sort of like Ayane's "Brisingamen". Even though almost all the magic in her body is used up Sakura manages to stand, she repeats to herself that she cannot lose and charges "Laevateinn" but there is no power behind it. Nagisa holds her sword up to the sky and tells Sakura that it is useless, even if her attack has power behind it, this is the end. Sakura denies what Nagisa says; screaming that it is not useless, no matter how hard she tries she cannot get her attack up to the destructive power. Nagisa tells Sakura that this is not hers but everyone's absolute kill technique and swings "Tyrfing". Sakura falls to the ground and the only thing passing through her mind is that she cannot win, no matter how many times she challenges Nagisa, she cannot win. She begins to lose consciousness and finally accepts the reality of her death, but as she dies she tries to understand what exactly was the difference between her and Nagisa. After thinking for a while on that matter she comes to a conclusion; she is not human, she is just a weapon. Since humans are capable of infinite possibilities, compared to a weapon like herself, there is no possible way she could have won. She apologizes to Reiji for not being able to protect him. Drowning in despair Sakura begins to recall the memories she's spent with Reiji over the past month, she's always protected Reiji and has always loved him. But since she is a weapon she knows those feelings are not real but rather she wants to make them real. Even though Sakura's heart has stopped beating she can feel something thump in her chest the more she thinks of Reiji who believes that she will come back from her fight with Nagisa alive. A strange warmth envelops her body and she can feel the tiniest bit of magic inside her along with Reiji's pulse. Sakura realizes that she and Reiji are partners and can always rely on one another, while she is despairing over losing to Nagisa, he continues to believe that she will win. Sakura's only desire to live with Reiji, it is the only thing that keeps her from disappearing something only humans are capable of. She discharges some amount of magic and stands, she tells Nagisa that she did not understand that the true strength of humans were their desires. Sakura tells Nagisa that she doesn't want all of the things she's experienced with Reiji up to this point to disappear, even though her body is in the state its in now, she can still fight. Nagisa understands Sakura's feelings, no matter how much she was injured she always stood back up, she'll rise along with Sakura. She takes a stance and says that she will never lose, not to herself and not to Sakura. As Nagisa prepares to attack Sakura does nothing but tell Reiji to wait for her and that she will aid him now, because she is his strongest sword and invincible shield. Nagisa tells Sakura that it does not matter how many times she stand, her Tyrfing will cut through all the world's laws. Nagisa swings hr sword but Sakura is unharmed, Nagisa is puzzled and wonders if her attack actually his Sakura, none-the-less she fills her sword with energy and swings it again but the result is the same. Sakura tells her that its useless, that this is not a concept that she can cut. Sakura announces the name of her skill "Dimension Mirage" (Since she is a Sakura spirit that governs "sunlight" she can adjust light to make her opponent see an illusion while at the same time her true self is in another dimension where they can not reach her). Sakura tells Nagisa that she has discovered her weakness which are her eyes, they allow her to read her opponent's movement ahead of time allowing her to swing her sword whereever she needs it. But her eyes will only allow her to cut what her eyes see. Nagisa repeatedly swings her sword but she hits nothing and her "Achillies-Paradox" is wearing off. Nagisa raises her sword high and asks it to allow her to cut all dimensions, she swings her sword one final time.

Nagisa falls into Sakura's arms and she embraces her. Sakura tells her that she's done enough, she won't forget her, and that no one will forget her. Sakura states that she doesn't want to fight any more and that she no longer has a reason to fight, Nagisa is her precious friend so she will shoulder all of her burdens. Nagisa has a kind and tender heart that has in it the will to not harm anyone. Nagisa had already used up all of her magic by the second time Sakura had stood up so it was obvious she was going to die. Nagisa thanks Sakura and reverts back to her origional form, as "Svaflami" shatters, the two women say goodbye to each and Nagisa vanishes into ether.

Against OdinEdit

Reiji summons Nagisa's spirit using DaCapo: Curtain Call in the battle against Odin. He uses her sword Svafrlami and her skill Tyrfing to kill Odin, but Odin reappeares moments later due to his concept of eternal existence.

Starting OverEdit

Nagisa appears in the peaceful world Reiji and Sakura created using "Fortissimo", kwowing that Reiji is going to see Sakura she volunteers to go with him which he rejects. Ryuichi appears and tells Reiji that he will watch over Nagisa. After being teases by Reiji and Ryuichi Nagisa relents and leaves with Ryuichi, telling Reiji "good luck."

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase StatsEdit

"Even if my spirit dissipates, these feelings I shoulder... will definitely not disappear!"
Nagisa Suzushiro
Weapon: Svafrlami
Power: C
Speed: C
Range: E
Vitality: E
Precision: C
Mana: B
Potential: A
Bg b3

Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo StatsEdit

Nagisa Suzushiro
Weapon: Svafrlami
Power: B
Agility: D
Mana: B
Technique: S
Chara 11 detail


  • Svafrlami (スウァフルラーメ suuafururāme): the weapon first appears as a heavy black sword with rough outlook that does not deal much damage and also of too much weight to swing. In its released state, its cover breaks apart, revealing a slender golden sword with deadly strikes while Nagisa's hair turns silver and a crown appears on her head.


  • Hlidskjalf (四次元視(プリズスキャルヴ) purizusukyaruvu; Japanese for "Four-Dimensional Vision"): Nagisa is born with the rare ability of precognition. She can foresee things a few seconds earlier than the moment in which they happen. This gives her more options in selecting her strategy against different opponents.
  • Alvíss (すべてを知るもの(アルヴィーズ) aruvīzu; Old Norse for "All-wise", Japanese for "To Know Everything"): to compensate for Nagisa's lack of experience, this Rune gives her the knowledge of everything related to swordsmanship.
  • Sacredwaltz (白銀魔術兵装(セイクリッドワルツ) seikuriddowarutsu; English for "Sacred Waltz", Japanese for "Magical Weapon White Eyes"): by entering this mode, Nagisa can release the true power of her weapon to become a pure holy battle maiden without sin. While Sacredwaltz is activated, each of her sword strikes guarantees a certain kill.
  • Tyrfing (黄金色の聖約(ティルヴィング) tiruvingu; Japanese for "Golden Covenant" ): Nagisa takes a stance, wielding her sword with both hands. After a charging period, she slashes the sword at her opponent, releasing a golden wave of magical energy that cut through everything. While the conceptual slash is destructive, it strains the user greatly, and Nagisa cannot use it more than three times, or she will disappear.
  • Trickster-Deprives (気まぐれな戦女神の祝福(トリックスター・ディプライヴズ): A skill that Nagisa feelings helped her to develope in the battle against Sakura. This skill lets her creates miracles that defy reality which is why Nagisa was able to survive Sakura's ultimate attack "Dual Laevateinn".
  • Achilles Paradox (有限殺しの無限廻廊(アキレウス・パラドックス) akireusu paradokkusu; Japanese for Infinite Corridor of Finite Killing"): completed in the final battle with Sakura, Nagisa's ultimate conceptual Rune allows her to rewrite all concepts to zero and reduce any attacks to nothing, allowing her own attack to prevail. The Rune can also affect Nagisa, taking away the strain on Svafrlami to prevent the burning-out process. As Nagisa is inexperienced, she cannot utilize its full power, but bringing her opponent's attack down to almost zero is still possible.
  • Overload Tyrfing (未だ果てぬ黄金色の聖約(オーバーロード・ティルヴィング) ōbārōdo tiruvuingu; English for "Overloaded Tyrfing", Japanese for "Unchanged Golden Covenant"):" As used in her battle against Sakura, once "Achillies Paradox" has been activated due to the large amount of energy it supplies, Nagisa holds her sword to the sky and swings it, though it appears to have been swung once it has actually been swung three times in an instant. This blow is so powerful it is capable of killing a god and would be able to counter Sakura's "Duel Laevateinn".
  • Suzushiro Fencing Style『Hakujoenbu』 (灯翔鈴白流剣術最終奥義『白杖円舞(はくじょうえんぶ)』; Japanese for White Sword Circle Dance):

Other skillsEdit

  • Swordsmanship expert: Nagisa is a very skillful kendo trainee, a fact that she always takes pride in until her loss to Ryūichi in her childhood. Unlike most kendo trainee, Nagisa views kendo not as sport, but a deadly art of defeating and killing the opponent. All of her training time is focused on powerful strikes that retire the opponent in one hit. This makes her each and every sword swing extremely dangerous, but also reduces her capability to prevail in lengthy battles.