This wonderful starry sky----The Milky Way at night----How is it? Isn't it really romantic and beautiful? (Momiji asking Reiji in her route).

The Milky Way Shopping Mall is a special place in Fortissimo where certain events take place.


Like the world that the events in Fortissimo occur in, the mall does not exist in reality and even in the story the outer structure of the mall is not seen.


The inner structure consists of many stores and shops, there are multiple levels, and people appear their with regularly. It should be noted that the mall is rather large, in some places wind flows through the mall as a means of ventilation. At night the stars in the sky shine through the glass ceiling.


  1. Reiji Yoshino
  2. Sakura
  3. Nagisa Suzushino
  4. Ryuuichi Sumeragi
  5. Sayuki Kurobane
  6. Momiji Satomura
  7. Ayane Amamiya
  8. Ichigo Sagara
  9. Umi Kajiura
  10. Kuri Himeshiro



  • The stars that are visable through the glass ceiling at night create beautiful scenery which is why the mall is named the Milky Way.