Miki Mizusaka
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Character Info
Gender Female
Age 16
Birthday December 25
Height 156
Weight 49
Three Sizes B89 W59 H86
Voiced by Rei Matsuzaki

Miki Mizusaka is a close childhood friend of Reiji Yoshino and a possible love interest of Reiji in Fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nächsten Phase.


Miki has a slim figure, blue eyes, long blue hair and is mostly seen wearing her school uniform. As a waitress at a cafe in the island mall, she wears a white dress, tied at the waist by a large black scarf, and a red bow on her chest. At the beach, she wore a yellow two piece bathing suit.


Miki is always seemingly cheerful when she's around Reiji, possibly due to still being in love with him. But this is a ruse to hide the guilt she feels for making Reiji fall in love with her and breaking up with him.


After meeting Reiji in the hallway the day he returns to school, the two catch up on all of the years they spent apart. As the story progresses, Miki mentions she has a boyfriend, but she actually does not. Reiji realizes this when a male student tries to force Miki to date him, Reiji poses as her boyfriend in order to save her. 

During the final phase of the story, Reiji learns that after they broke up four years ago, Miki was confused with her feelings, and had gone out with another boy while she was still dating Reiji. On the Christmas four years ago, she lied to Reiji that she had a part time job, and went out with that other boy. As they got into a romantic situation, and were about to kiss, somehow she was unable to. As she struggled with her feelings, she noticed - that the she had been really in love all this time was Reiji, not the other boy, and she had been wavering all this time in the wrong direction.

The boy forced a kiss and wanted her body, but she resisted. Then, the boy looked upon her as if the mood was broken - he attacked her with words, saying he couldn't understand why she had invited him, and yet refused him.

Eventually she returns home alone, miserable and sad. As she does, she sees Reiji in front of her home, waiting with a cake and a present, to celebrate her birthday...which was the final straw. She could not forgive herself. She could not bear to take Reiji's feelings and his love, knowing that she had betrayed them all. She couldn't forgive herself for being a traitor to his love...and thus, as her feelings overflowed, she lied one more time....

And they broke up.