This, is my true magical weapon... (Sayuki answering Odin's question).

Lindwurm (リンドヴルム rindovurumu): the true form of Sayuki's magic, containing the mixed power of Utamaru, Archimedes, Sköll and Hati. Its power is many times higher, however.


Lindwurm seems to be a combination of Utamaru & Archimedes and Skoll & Hati; it has the white and black colors of all four weapons with the rough features of Skoll and Hati, giving it the appearance of a dragon's mouth.



  • Aquarianage (総ての果てにある福音(アクエリアンエイジ) akuerian'eiji; English for "Aquarian Age", Japanese for "The Gospel At the End of All"): Loading a bullet into Lindwurm.
  • Nordström (高次術式固定(ノルドシュトルム) norudoshutorumu; Japanese for "Fixed Skill Formula High-order"): Sayuki pours her magic into Lindwurm, creating a monochromatic spiral that gathers in the muzzle.
  • Schwarzschild (高次術式固定解除(シュヴァルツシルト) shuwarutsushiruto; German for "Black Sign/Black Shield", Japanese for "Fixed Skill Formula High-order Release"): Cause Lindwurm to react and change its form.
  • Overload Schwarz Weiss (永劫なる福音の魔弾(オーバーロード・ヴァイス・シュヴァルツ) ōbārōdo shuwaisu shuvuwarutsu; English for "Overloaded Schwarz Weiss", Japanese for "The Magic Bullet Called Eternity"): The ultimate attack that can sever the existence of any targets in this world, even the sun and the moon. It can annul immortality. It is the bullet of complete silence.


  • Lindwurm is the name of a Dragon God gifted with immortality by Odin in Norse Mythology