Wh-Wh-Wh-What are you doing eating here without me, Momiji?!!!!! (Konoha asking Momiji in her route).

Konoha Kimomiya is a sub-character in Fortissimo.


Konoha's eyes are sapphire in color, her hair is teal; it extends to her lower back and it tied into twin pony-tails on each side of her head by black ribbons. She is only seen wearing her schoolgirl attire along with black stockings.


She is usually quiet and reservered, however when the situation involves Momiji (Who she's in love with) she is acts very loud, jealouse, and assertive mostly towards Nagisa and Reiji. When quiet, her personality is very similar to Nagisa's.


Konoha' Past: Konoha used to be in the same class with Reiji, Miki, Hiyori, and Kanata when Reiji was still living on the island. She is currently friends with Sayuki and at some time have fallen in love with Momiji.


  • She considers Nagisa to be her love rival for Momiji.