Isabel: A Magical Dimension created for negotiations.

Appearance Edit

Isabel appears as a green field as far as the eye can see and a clear blue sky. Nothing else is seen there other then when Odin transported the bodies of Reiji Yoshino and Sakura after he defeated them in Sayuki Kurobane's Route. It is also noted by Ayane Amamiya that a gentle wind blows in the space.

Creation Edit

Some time before the main story, Odin created the space for the purpose of explaining the rules as well as negotiations with its inhabitants.

Inhabitants Edit

Though Isabel is a place created for the magi to compromise with one-another, not all magi have been seen in the space.

Laws Edit

  • Isabel's concept is that no one can harm another while they are within the dimension; this rule applies to everyone, including Odin. However, Loki was able to launch an attack at Jin or rather the dimension itself due to him not seeing Jin as an enemy.

Trivia Edit