Ichigo Sagara
Chara 21 detail
Character Info
Gender Female
Age Late 20's to Early 30's
Birthday January 5
Height 151cm
Weight 40kg
Three Sizes B73 W51 H75
Voiced by Yumi Shimizu (EXA and Kadenz)
Chitose Sakura (EXS and FA)

Ichigo Sagara is a sub character of fortissimo EXS//Akkord:nachsten Phase though she plays an important role during the final phases of the game.


Ichigo is a beautiful young woman who appears to be in her late teens, but is actually in her late twenties or early thirties. Ichigo has short light-purple hair and dull-pink eyes. She wears a black-loli dress with a white ruffle at the bottom, black gartal-belt stockings and boots, black arm gloves with a pink jewel on the left one (Her magical weapon). Her attire is often accompanied by a black mantle with magic circles on the shoulders and pointed hat with a white scarf wrapped around it, giving her the appearance of a witch.


Ichigo has a childish and carefree personality despite her age. She likes to joke around alot and often teases Reiji in misleading situations with the women that surround him. Though she may seem childish at times, she is very smart, clever, and an expert fighter; she can fight on pair with Odin himself despite being human and can confront any magi with ease.


Ichigo is Reiji and Sayuki's foster-mother, she appears in the series wearing her witch mantle and welcomes Reiji back to the island after a long time of absence. After "Ragnarok" starts Ichigo begins to set out for days on end to search for the one behind the ritual who she suspects to be Odin while not letting her family know of her true identity.

Ichigo was a member of "Vorspa" an organization that gathered researchers from around the world to study the "OOparts" magical gems that give certain humans magical powers and turn them into mages. She was the partner of "Sosei Yoshino" (Reiji's father before he became Odin) and the best friend of "SAKURA" (Reiji's late mother and Odin's wife).

After Reiji returns from his fight with his best friend "Ryuichi" she tells him about her past with Vorspa and Reiji's parents. Ichigo explains the events of the war that between magi, how his parents met and fell in love, and how it was ended by the death of an evil magi named "Rouge Flame" at the hands of Sosei. After which she sets out to find Odin and challenges him to a battle in order  to protect Reiji and the remaining magi, however Odin proved to be to powerful for her and she was defeated


Ichigo appears in her witch mantle and welcomes Reiji home  as he is trying to condone why Sayuki is angry with him she starts by saying that she was envious of how much of a real flirt he's become. Reiji calls her Ichigo but she corrects him by saying Ichigo Onee-san (Big sister Ichigo). Ichigo rells Reiji that Sayuki was much cheerful earlier when she left to go pick him up but returned in a foul mood and that he must have gone something to upset her. Reiji realizes that Sayuki must have seen him at the mall with that girl (Nagisa) and that is why she is upset. He apologizes but Sayuki does not buy it and storms off. Ichigo states that it is best to leave Sayuki alone for a while, Reiji apologizes for causing trouble on his first day here. Ichigo smiles saying that she isn't worried about it at all even though their reunion resulted in a fight. Reiji thanks Ichigo for letting him live with her to which she replies that she is always happy to keep a family together and she decides to go prepare dinner.

Only if You Can Take Care of ItEdit

Ichigo is at home when Reiji walks in and is surprised that she is there. Reiji asks when when she got home which she answers by saying a few minutes ago. Reiji knows the fact is that she's been gone for several says, but she says that she went out to visit the grave of her best friend (SAKURA) since it was the anniversary of her death. Ichigo asks where he and Sakura (Reiji's partner and magical weapon) were spending their time. Reiji tells her that they were playing hide and seek (Sort of a lie and sort of the truth, they were actually out looking for Odin who was hiding himself ) which shocks her; she states that their to old to be playing such childish games. As Ichigo decides to play with Sakura to make her happy Reiji notices a dog sitting at Sakura's feet (Earlier Reiji and Sakura searched a shrine for Odin and found a dog that bit Sakura). Reiji points to the dog, Sakura smiles and says that his name is "Maoto". Reiji yells at her to take him back at the shrine but Sakura plays the -spoiled brat stereotype- and says that she doesn't want to. Reiji points out that Sakura freeloading by living with them and she might cause trouble for Ichigo. Ichigo over hears them an lets Sakura keep Maoto if she can take care of it, Sakura then screams in happiness. While Reiji and Sakura are discussing of Maoto, Ichigo blurts out a loud comment that shocks them both. She defends herself by saying that she was remembering something from her past. Sakura then leans down and tells Maoto that from now on she'll be his mother which he responds to by biting her in the face; oddly it makes her jump around in joy.

The Witch, The Maiden, and The ReaperEdit

Ichigo appears in Eye Space wearing her witch mantle where she saves "Umi Kajiura" from being killed by "Keisuke Sanada". She criticizes him for scaring Umi and says that if he wants to make sure that Umi gets home safely he should act more life a gentleman and neatly escort her. She smiles and makes a joke by saying that when a strange man appears before her, most women will assume that those eyes of his are akin to a beast and will be frieghtened of him; after which she laughs heartedly. During the time that Keisuke is analyzing Ichigo, Umi runs away. Ichigo asks Keisuke if he plans to chase her but he does not answer, she tells him that she is preoccupied with looking for someone and asks Keisuke if he minds helping her put. He breaks his silence and asks who she's looking for which she answers by saying that its a friend of hers. Keisuke tells her that he is also looking for someone who Ichigo suspects in now her because she allowed Umi to escape Keisuke. Ichigo tells him her name, but Keisuke responds rudely and attacks her with his magical weapon "Mistilteinn" (51 cards that can act as a whirlwing made of blades). However the cards vanish before they reach Ichigo and she states Keisuke has some trouble being polite in the presence of a lady, she calls him a real go-getter and points out that she is a human and does not posses a magical weapon (Rather hers is artificaily created and not born from her soul like magi) and hypothesizes that Keisuke thought she could be defeated easily. As she suspects that Keisuke is clueless about how she is in "Eye Space" because only magi can exist there, she tells him that though she is human, she is a person that exceeds the class of magi; a "Yggdrasil class mage". Even if he does not believe her words he goes not have to, but if he wants to test her he; she'll play with him a little. Keisuke fires barrages of cards at Ichigo but all of them shatter as if being erased from existence. Ichigo anounces the name of her skill "Endless Banish" (A power that lets her return anything and anyone to nothingness). As long as her gem is't destroyed she cannot die. Understanding the difference in power and ability between them Keisuke releases "Mistilteinn" and backs down. Ichigo tells him that he made a wise decision due to the fact that he magic would reach her target before their magical weapon reach her and erase their existance. Keisuke states that he has no interest in Ragnarok and was forced in against his will which Ichigo had suspected. She asks Keisuke about the mastermind behind this ritual, he tells her that he remembers it being "Odin". As Ichigo is shocked by the information, Eye Space vanishes. Ichigo sees Umi lying on the ground (She had tripped and knocked herself out) she picks her up on her shoulders and decides to take her home. Before leaving she asks Keisuke if he had ary intention of harming Umi which he answers with nothing but silence. She thanks him for the information he gave her and decides to give him advice by saying that if he continues to act the way he does in the future, sooner or later "karma will catch up with him. Keisuke calmly says that he knows that fact. Ichigo asks what his motivation is while struggling to hold up Umi, making a statement that girls grow quickly these days, especially in certain areas (Their breasts). She then leaves Keisuke while carrying Umi.

Think About Where You Do ItEdit

Sakura tries to pick Maoto up while he is eating his dinner in order to show him her love and affection, Reiji tells that she should not bother the dog while he's eating, but she does not listen. As Sakura presses her face against Maoto's face, he bites her with great force. Sakura asks "why", Reiji tells her that its obvious that that would happen. He then calls Maoto over and gives his food back to him, Sakura salks as to why Maoto would prefer Reiji over her. Sakura gives Reiji a large grin and tells him not to move, Reiji is dumbfounded but he agrees. To Reiji's surprise Sakura begins rubbing her body against his as is to get as much of him on her as possible. Reiji asks what she is trying to accomplish, Sakura hypothisizes that Maoto doesn't like her because of her scent, so she says that if she has some of Reiji's scent on her Maoto will open up to her. Reiji disagrees with what she says; he becomes a little uncomfortabel about the fact that the only thing seperating the two of them are thin shirts and knows that this scene may cause misunderstandings. At that moment Ichigo walks in and spots the two of them, Reiji wants to explain the scene but is unable to. Ichigo says nothing and walks out of the room; in his mind Reiji thinks that Ichigo is such a mature adult that she is able to figure out the situation they're in. However Ichigo returns and tells them that she won't stop them from doing those kinds of acts but to atleast think about where they do it. Reiji tells her that she's go the wrong idea and asks Sakura to help explain to Ichigo, Sakura smiles and tells Reiji that his chest is warm. Reiji tells her not to fall asleep on him and to say something to Ichigo. Ichigo tells them not to do those kinds of thinks out in the open then she leaves. Reiji yells at her to come back and tells Sakura to help him, but Sakura starts mumbling and falls asleep on Reiji's chest. Reiji screams at her to wake up, calling her a broken weapon, but she does not wake up.

An Unexpected Dinner GuestEdit

Momiji waits outside Reiji's house hoping to spend the day with him but it is already sun-set so she decides to stay for dinner. As Momiji attempts to feed Reiji, Sayuki gets somwhat angry which Ichigo takes notice to and decides to tease her. Ichigo asks Sayuki if she wanted to feed Reiji herself but Momiji beat her to it, Sayuki denies it though she is lying. Sakura offers to feed Reiji as well which makes Sayuki become a little jealous. Reiji points out that he cannot eat so much at once and pushes the food away. Momiji asks Sayuki if she is too shy to do something like that which she denies; afterward Ichigo laughs. Reiji states that having another member (Momiji) at the table seems to have made the house seem more lively, Sakura compliments that its like a party, but Sayuki says that Momiji is just annoying. Ichigo smiles telling Sayuki not to say that, and says that she finds it a good thing to have such a lively dinner; especially when it brings another girl (Momiji) that doesn't care about being blunt. Momiji asks Ichigo to forgive her rudeness and states that she is delicate which Reiji does not think accurately describes her. Momiji asks Reiji what he means by that and tells him that there are many things that she has to worry about to stay delicate, for example: sleep. Ichigo agrees saying that there are few girls that don't have to worry about getting enough sleep to stay beautiful and that she completely understands what Momiji is talking about. Momiji becomes happy saying that she knew Ichigo would understand and the two women grasp each others hands like comrades in arms. Ichigo pulls out a folded piece of paper and tells Momiji that its a sleeping drug made from various herbs found on the island and if she drinks it before she goes to bed, she'll sleep soundly until morning. Reiji tells her that somehow the drug smells rather dangerous, but Ichigo tells him that as long as you don't overdose and theres no side effects to be rest assured that its safe to take. But since its a strong drug to be careful when taking it and recommends to not take it during the day or just for a nap. Momiji tucks the drug in her pochet while thanking Ichigo. Sakura asks Ichigo if she really does have trouble sleeping because her skin is so pretty that it seems that she doesn't need it. Ichigo becomes happy, calling Sakura a good girl and allows her to eat all the "pork' she wants, just be careful not to eat much grease. Sakura decides that she wants to feed some pork to "Maota" but Ichigo tells her that dogs shouldn't eat any grease and to be sure to blot it up before feeding it to him. As Sakura prepares to scrape off the grease using her clothes, Reiji stops her telling her that she would not be able to sleep well if her clothes smelled like grease. Momiji thinks for a while before telling everyone that she has possibly seen Maoto somewhere before, possibly near the shopping district. Ichigo asks if what she's seen was a wanted-poster of Maoto for stealing food, to which Reiji states that that would be unrealistic. After which Ichigo leaves. 

The Truth of MagiEdit

A day after Reiji returns from his fight with Ryuichi he walks down stairs to see Ichigo (Who hasn't been home in a long time) standing there. As Reiji cannot fathom how to break the news to Ichigo that Sayuki has died, he realizes that she should't remember anyway. However, Ichigo asks if Sayuki has already gone out, Reiji tells her that Sayuki is going to be staying with a friend for a while, but Ichigo is not fooled and states that she is a failure at Sayuki's guardian, things have turned out as they are and she could not protect the two people she wanted to the most. Reiji asks why Ichigo remembers Sayuki (When magi are defeated in Eye Space, their entire existance is erases from everyone's memories in the real world). Reiji asks who Ichigo is, she responds by asking what he's talking about. Reiji repeats what Ichigo said about protecting the two most important to her and states the fact that she remembers Sayuki, but shouldn't. Ichigo asks him if he is feeling alright and tells him that she is just a powerless human named "Ichigo Sagara". Reiji then tells Ichigo about Ragnarok and the mean behind it; Odin. Ichigo tells him that she though that was the case, Odin was her partner and is actually Reiji's biological father. Reiji cannot accept how that could be possible, stating that Odin's age appearance isn't that far from his. Ichigo then tells Reiji about the discovery of a rare ore found on the island which was named "OOparts", when they came in contact with certain humans those humans would be given extraordinary powers and abilities beyond human understanding. Out of fear that this discovery could lead to another war or an even greater tragedy an organization was formed which was called "Volspa". It was because of these gems that "Magi" were born and magical weapons were created, scientists began to trace these stones back to mythical legends and Gods who had great power. Reiji asks if Ichigo was a member of Volspa which she answers yes too, as a scientist she tried to deduce how exaclty magi came to gain their powers but was unable to do so. She tells Reiji that the "Ten-year War" between magi started when the nation accused Volspa of secretly hoarding OOparts and after the nation made a move, Volspa began to collapse from within and the world was engulped in war, a war which was named the "Fimbulvinter War". It was because of this war that Volspa's developement with magical weapons acceled and they created a machine that could generate Eye Space in order to keep the magi who were once friends from destroying the world with their powers. Then a hero appeareared who happened to have a high compatibility with OOpart who was named Sosei Yoshino (Reiji's father) and was givn th codename: Odin. Even though Volspa was horribly outmatched they survived the fierce fight the other nations and requested that she strongest magi awaken as soon as possible: Codename 001/Sosei Yoshino. But no matter what Volspa subjected him to, his powers as a magi would not awaken and while he was held as a "Messiah" by the organization, everyone came to despise him and abandonded him. Ichigo then became his partner and worked tirelessly to help him awaken his powers, after a long time she advised him to give up but would not. Ichigo ageed to kep going because she expectd great things from Sosei and was positive that him awakening as a magi would end the war. Reiji asks if that happened, but Ichigo tells him that it didn't, Sosei still had not awakened as a magi. She then shifts the conversation to telling about how Sosei met his mother "Sakura" and fell in love with her before she could do anything about it. Reiji can not fathom how his mother, SAKURA and his magical weapon and partner, Sakura have the same name, he suspects that it cannot be a coincidence. Ichigo tells him that when he brought Sakura home for the first time she could hardly believe her eyes because they looked so similar. Reiji asks her if Sakura really looks like his mother, Ichigo tells him that she could tell the differance almost immediatly and though that the only possible outcome was that Sakura was Reiji's magical weapon. She tells him that magical weapons origionally shape themselves to match what is inside the magi's heart and after seeing Sakura she knew that Reiji had to be Sosei' son, perhaps SAKURA's desire to protect Reiji was so strong that she managed to implant herself firmely in his heart even though he was so young. She then began tracking Odin' whereabouts, but had no such luck. (Inside Reiji feels grateful to have such a devoted parent like Ichigo). Deciding to get back on topic about Odin,Ichigo tells Reiji that she had no idea he was interested in SAKURA who was her best friend who had poor health. The two would sneak out to see one another every chance they could, even in the middle of the war and even around that time Sosei's powers had not awakened. Even so they they managed to drive back their enemies in the war. Reiji asks if Ichigo still fought eventhough she was not a magi to which she answered; yes. She announces that she was called the strongest human in the world. Eventually SAKURA produced a child who was Reiji and was considerd the fruit of Sosei' and SAKURA's love. She stated that she wished that they could remain happy together forever but that was not possible as an evil magi appeared. A magi that destroyed chapter after chapter of Vulspa using flames that seemed demonic in nature and was only known by the name of "Rouge Flame". Though Sosei smiled as he though his awakening was at hand, Rouge Flame continued to reduce everything around him to ash and nothing could stop him. He entered Vulspa Headquarters and destroyed the machine that generated Eye Space, reducing it to tiny pieces. Reiji asks what possible excuse could he have for doing that, Ichigo tells him that among those involved in the war, the only rule was that magi could not use their powers against normal humans because it would be a meaningless slaughter. Rouge Flame stated that he wanted to see what would happen if simply put everything to the flame and Ichigo stated that that was the first time she had wanted to kill someone. She then tells him that the reason why very ones memories on the island were altered was because of the grief and fear caused by Rouge Flame. (Everyone knew that their was a war on the island but none knew the truth behind it because their memories were erased but even so,  because the devistation of the war left a scar on everyone's mind; all of it was because of a single magi: Rouge Flame). Reiji asks what happened to his parents, Ichigo tells him that Sosei wanted to stay behind to fight Rouge Flame and told SAKURA and Ichigo to leave. However, SAKURA was stubborn and loved Sosei so much that she would not leave him, so Reiji was intrusted to her and she fled from the island. But since Sosei was her comrade she decided that she couldn't just leave him and went back to the island even though her body was battered to the point were she couldn't fight. She saw Sosei standing in a sea of flames though he seemed completely unharmed and he was holding SAKURA's scarf, she states that she doesn't know what happened before sh arrived but that day marked the end of the was. She passed out from the fumes of the fire to find Sosei nowhere in sight and all that remained was SAKURA's scarf. Ichigo tells Reiji that all the knows is that Sosei's powers as a magi awakened and his abilities had brought about Rouge Flames's demise. SAKURA was dead and Sosei was gone so she had no one to intrust Reiji too. Ichigo then apologizes for Reiji's hardships growing up in an orphanage but he tells her that he is greatful for taking care of him and Sayuki. After which Ichigo decides to set out to find Odin in order to put an end to the war, but before she leaves she gives Reiji his mother's brooch. She puts on her witch's mantle and leaves.

Yggdrasil vs OdinEdit

Ichigo heads to the island hospital where SAKURA met her end at the hands of Rouge Flame and the place where the Fimbulvinter War ended. She screams out to the empty open space for Odin to come out and greet his partner with the respect she deserves. Though she expects nothing to happen she hears a familiar voice and before her appears her former partner. Odin tells her that it has been a long time, Ichigo laughs and says she knew he would be here and that he had found a way to hide himself even though she had searched the entire island. Ichigo tells him to answer her as to why he involved his own son in this war involving magical weapons which led to SAKURA's death. Odin answers by saying that all he wants is the "Ultimate Magic" and that Reiji got involved on his own. Ichigo asks why he did not stop this ritual when he realized that Reiji's life was in danger, Odin states that it was because nothing had changed and he could not stop "Ragnarok" even if the irregular involved was his own son. He did not expect Reiji to get involved but it didn't mean he had to stop it and he would sacrifice anything to fulfill his only desire. Ichigo suspects that Odin wants to aquire more power in order to gain more revenge for being treated like a lad animal by "Voluspa", however Odin says that he only destroyed the branches of the organization as he traveled the world in order to prevent another meaningless war and he did not begin the ritual of Ragnarok for revenge. During his travels he gathered as many pieces of the "OOparts" as he could and sent them back to the island hoping that people would find them and become magi. Ichigo states that though Odin wants to prevent another war, his thoughts and actions are contridictary. As Ichigo tells Odin that there is no possible wish that something like the "Ultimate Magic" can grant; she realizes what Odin's wish is. Odin tells her that what she thinks is correct, that he intends to use the "Ultimate Magic" to revive SAKURA. Ichigo protests his actions saying that even though OOparts have abilities beyond human understanding, it is impossible to revive the dead. Odin tells her that that is why he needs the "Ultimate Magic" and that if a magical weapon cannot do it he'll go beyond it. Ichigo tells Odin that it is impossible and would make a complete mockery of that person's life, but Odin says that it is possible, he'll achieve the "Ultimate Magic" by depriving other magi of their magic and use his magical weapon as the trigger. Ichigo says that even if he does revive SAKURA, does he think that she would be happy that he sacrificed so many innocent lives just to revive her. Odin tells her that he knows that SAKURA will be appalled by his actions and hate him for being evil, but even so; he'll ressurect her anyway in order to gain the happiness he wants. He will become either The Devil or God in order to regain hr bright smile again. Just as animals eat one another to survive; he will devour all other magi in order to achieve his purpose.

After hearing those words Ichigo throws away her hat and cape ans states that the two of them are on parallel lines. Odin tells her that he has no desire to harm her but he will extinguish anyone who plans to disrupt this ritual. Calling Ichigo "Dog" he tells her that also applies to her. Ichigo becomes angry and tells Odin that the only one's allowed to call her that were her best friend SAKURA and partner Sosei and that they are both gone so he does not have the right to call her that. Since he is the mastermind behind this ritual, she will bet everything to stop him. Since he knows that Ichigo's ability is dangerous Odin invokes Eye Space. Ichigo tells Odin that he seems to have forgotten that whenever they fought in the past he could never beat her even once, Odin says that he is different from who he was back then and that his abilities transcend even God. Ichigo points out that even though she is not a magi, she is the strongest human and now has full control of her magical weapon. Odin knows that her magical weapon's power is "Endless Banish" and bids her to show him her power for he has never seen her truly serious and wishes to experience it. After a long stand off Ichigo charges at Odin, moving at a speed faster than he can react to and uses "Endless Banish" which turns Odin and his magical weapon to nothingness. Ichigo states that Odin drowned his heart in his own power and that is why he lost, however Odin speaks from the void, calling her splendid as he did not think she could return his existence to nothingness the way she did. A golden light flahes and Odin appars before he once again, he says that with a power like that Ichigo could have defeated "Rouge Flame" with ease and that she truly has surpassed all magi. Ichigo is shocked as to why Odin still exists after she literally erased his existence, Odin tells her that she did erase him but only for a brief moment. He speaks th name of his magical weapon: Das Rheingold (The Ordinal Night). Because of its ability Odin's body and existence is eternal (Or rather his existence will continue to revert back to one point infinitely). He has complete immortality and no matter how many times she erases his existence, he will revert back to one point for eternity. Ichigo understands that no matter how many times he is destroyed, his body will revert back to the way it is. Odin tells hr that since the moment that SAKURA died that he has been eternal, Ichigo tells him to not get carried away just because he is immortal and that she has other strategies to fight. Odin says that his ability is not complete immortality but rather it is "Gungnir" (God Spear of Creation), it gives him the ability to create four of the absolutes of th world and nothing can compare to him, not even her who is the strongest human "Yggdrasil". Ichigo takes a stance and tells him to say that after he defeats her and that she will send him to the abyss. She then uses Endless Banish on everything she sees, including the environment around Odin and turns it into a swallowed abyss where she hopes that he cannot move from, however it does not work as only humans need space to move and that does not apply for a God like him. He steps onto the abyss as if it were natural for him and speaks the word: "Walkure" (Die Walkure; The First Night), the space that Ichigo destroyed reappears as if nothing had happened to it. Odin tells her that the highest ability of God is the ability to create space, Ichigo realizes that Odin used this ability to create a space that resembles "Eye Space". Ichigo jumps away in order to think or a strategy, Odin then speaks the word: "Siegfried" (The Second Night); the distance that Ichigo had gained from jumping away from Odin closes itself in an instant and she is unable to move her feet. Odin tells her that no matter how strong her legs are. their is no human that can escape the laws of physics. Ichigo recognizes the magic Odin used as "Concept Magic" (Magical rules of laws). Odin states that as the "Ultimate Magi" his ability "Gungnir" allows him to create "Eternity", "Space", and "Rules" for which to govern it, he can control all the rules in the space he creates and change them to create new ones. Ichigo realizes that that is how Odin created this space and why whenever magi kill one another they take the defeated magi's magic. Odin tells her that with the "Ultimate Magic" he will be able to create "Life" the final absolute and revive SAKURA who looks exactly as she did when she died because of his power. Odin bids Ichigo to surrender because he has no reason to kill her and is sure that she understands that if he wanted to kill her, he could have. Even if she does not approve of what he is doing she must stand down because it would make SAKURA sad to return to a world without her. Ichigo sighs, realizing that all she's ever wanted was a normal life; even so, she says that she will not back down. Odin calls her a fool for choosing to die in vain. Ichigo smiles because she realized that she has always had what she wanted (A life with her family) but when Sayuki died, her instincts as a mother rather than a guardian made her want to protect that life no matter what. Because she promised Reiji that she would drag Odin home with her, she does not need a chance at winning, but only her will to fight. Ichigo dis-charges her magic while telling Odin that while she has finally gotten away from being alone that he deserted everything he had. Odin takes a stance and tells her farewell; intending to answer her choice with all of his power. Ichigo realizes her death but even so, she uses "Endless Banish" with all of her power behind it, Odin says the words: "Twilight of The Gods" (The Third Night; Gotterdammerung). Odin swings his fist while shouting "Gungnir"; a crimson spear releases from his fist, blows through Endless Banish and hits Ichigo.

Ichigo sits on the grass prepared for death but her body is still intact. Odin tells her that his attack destroyed her soul not her body because at the very least he did not want her end to be as a pile of remains that could hardly be considered human. It will take severall minutes for her soul to completely dissappear, because she was his partner he wanted to allow her to make peace with herself. Ichigo's body is sizzling from Odin's attack, nevertheless she laughs and tells him that was rather nice of him. Odin states that he truly regrets doing what he did but he cannot turn away from his path, that is the measure of his resolve, he'll shoulder all of the world's burdens just to realize his wish. Ichigo smiles while saying that father (Odin) and son (Reiji) are very similar. With Reiji's face in mind she smiles heartidly and states that she is at a complete loss. Odin asks her why she chose to fight even though she knew that it would end with her death. Ichigo tells him that even though she predicted her own death she understood one small, simple thing. She wanted to remind Odi who has the power of God that the power of humans is still extraordinary, that is something that SAKURA understood. (Because she did not want to let go of the connection with her family is why she risked her life). Ichigo apologizes to Reiji for not being able to keep her promise and for not being able to protect him. After passing on the wish that everyone has to him, she vanishes into ether.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Ichigo Sagara
Codename: Yggdrasil
Weapon: Artificial Gem
Power: F
Speed: F
Range: F
Vitality: F
Precision: F
Mana: F
Potential: F
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  • Artificial Gem: Ichigo's magical weapon which was artificially created for her as a means to fight against magi in the "Fimbulvinter War".


  • Endless Banish (摂理たる終焉(エンドレスバニッシュ) Endoresubanisshu : Ichigo's only magical power but also one of the strongest in the series. It is the ability to return anything and anyone to nothingness; that includes magi and their magical weapons, but it seems that it is only effective when something is in close range of it

Other SkillsEdit

  • Excellent Battle Experience: Having fought many magi in the "Fimbulviter War", Ichigo's speed, strength, and overall knowledge exceeds that of any magi. In her fight against Odin she moved so fast that he could not react fast enough even though he himself developed the "Ultimate Arts". And in "EXS Nachsten Phase" (Momiji's Route) it was because of Ichigo's knowledge and power that "Jin Arizuka" created ways to overcome Ayana's/Valkyrie's absolute defense and attack after he killed her.


  • Ichigo stated that it was because of Sakura (Reiji's magical weapon and partner) taking on the appearance of SAKURA (Her best friend and Reiji's mother) that she knew that Reiji was Odin's son. Which means that she probably did not know that Reiji was the child of Sosei and SAKURA who was left with her during the end of the "Ten-Year War" when she adopted him.
  • In Norse Mythology "Yggdrasil" is an immense tree on which all the nine worlds existed.