Haruka Satomura (里村 春花 Satomura Haruka) is Momiji Satomura's younger sister. She had been killed in an accident a few years before the events of Fortissimo//Akkord:Bsusvier, which traumatized Momiji. Later on, her soul became Momiji's Magic in the battle of Ragnarök.


Since Haruka has died before the events of "Fortissimo" she does not appear in the game as an actual character but only in Momiji's flashbacks. She has purple eyes and light-pink hair tied into a pony-tail by a blue ribbon and wore a white sun dress tied in the center by a blue ribbon.


Not much is said about Haruka's personality but it can be indicated from the way she smiles in Momiji's flashbacks that she has a  care-free nature similar to what Momiji has today. She was always smiling when she is was around Momiji; Momiji herself stated that the two of them were more like best friends rather than sisters. She cared alot for Momiji, enough to push her out of the way of a passing car, though losing her own life in the process.

My SinEdit

Momiji and Reiji go on some-what of a date and head to the school. Momiji sits on a desk and decides to tell Reiji about her younger sister, Haruka. She and Haruka would spend most of their time with each other when they were kids,the two were inseperatable and seemed more like best friends that sisters. One day Haruka gave Momiji a rainbow colored stone for her birthday (It was actually an OOParts Gem) but the stone glowed and vanished in her hands. Around that time Momiji had went to the "Sakura Tree" were she saw Reiji and fell in love with him but could not gather the courage to go talk to him. After watching Reiji for several days she made up her mind and decided to go talk to him. Harika and Momiji were walking down the street when the urge to go meet Reiji soared in Momiji's heart, she neglected her sister and ran to meet Reiji at the Sakura Tree. At that moment a car was speeding down the road, Haruka ran into the road and pushed Momiji out of harms way though she herself was hit and died as a result.


  • Since Haruka and Momiji are blood sisters it is a possibility that she may have been magi or atleast could have become one. The OOParts she gave to Momiji did not react to her but that may be due to the fact that some OOParts only react to certain people.
  • It is believed that Haruka's soul became Momiji's magical weapon (Her Grimoire) after she died; in several battles Momiji's Grimoire move themselves into automatically to prevent Momiji from being harmed, against her will. Momiji even calls her Grimoire by her sisters' name sometimes.