The Flame of Loge (ローゲの炎使い Rōge no honōtsukai) is an extremely powerful fire Magic that existed during the Fimbulwinter. It is what killed SAKURA.

This power was wielded by a magi called "Rouge Flame" also called the "Mage of Misfortune",but is now wielded by "Jin Arizuka". Jin stated that this flame can devour an opponents; skills, knowledge, and magic once they have burned away completely. Rouge Flame used this power to completely annihilate his enemies in the Ten-year War, driven by a lust for power her used this flame to destroy the machine that generated Eye Space; stating to "Ichigo" that he simply wanted to know what would happen is he put everything to the flame. Near the end of the war he set fire to everyone and everything and managed to kill SAKURA (Odin's Wife) After using this power to kill SAKURA this power had no effect on Odin, due to his powers awakening from SAKURA's death and it is believed he was killed by Odin afterwards.

In Momiji's Route in "Nachsten Phase" this power is used by Jin Arizuka, but he can only use it in bursts due to his limited magical power. He uses it to kill Ichigo, Valkyrie (Ayane) and defeate Ryuichi. He is alse the one who actually names the flame "Forbes Blodgang".

Also in Momiji's Route it is revealed that this power also the ability to capture and imprison up to one life of anyone devoured by it. When Jin killed Ichigo using this power he absorbed her life and stole her power "Endless Banish", when he was killed by Momiji in their battle he exchanged Ichigo's life for his own, but lost her power as a result.