Eckesachs (エッケザックス ekkezakkusu): Hagane Todoroki's weapon takes form of a gigantic battle axe.

Appearance Edit

Echesachs takes the form of a huge axe; red in color and twice the size of Hagane, himself.

History Edit

Some time before the current events of the story, Hagane aquired an OOPArtss that manifested into Eckesachs.

Concept Edit

  • Indestructability: Eckesaches cannot be destroyed by any weapon unless the weapon has a stronger concept magic than it.

Type Edit

  • It's type us unknown.

Runes Edit

  • Gravitonpress (すんげぇ強えぇ重力 (グラビトンプレス) gurabitonpuresu): since Eckesachs' weakness lies in its poor mobility, Hagane was equipped with a gravity Rune that allows him to pin down the opponent until he can strike.
  • Graviton Naeus (踊り狂う重力力場(グラビトン・ナイオス) gurabiton naiosu; Japanese for "Gravitational Field of Ecstatic Dance"): A more powerful version of Kengo's Irenaeus when combined with Hagane 's Gravitonpress. With super gravity empowering the blades, the attack has more power. Both Kengo and Hagane are seen using this combo rune in Sayuki's Route and in the final battle in Kadenz fermata//Akkord:fortissimo.

Trivia Edit

  • Eckesach's concept which enable's it from being destroyed makes defeating Hagane nearly impossible. However as noted when Hagane faced Ayane Amamiya; Eckesach does not make Hagane himself invincible.